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Trend Alert | Why Cafe Style Seating at Home is the Next Big Thing!

When French sidewalks become a source of design inspiration, the thought of furnishing with cafe style seating is no longer a fugitive idea, but rather a “I have to have it” type of obsession. What is it about cafes and bistros that is so appealing? Is it the appetizing aroma, the cosy ambience, industrial lighting, chill music and artistic décor? It might as well be all of these, but we also can’t deny the flair and remarkable comfort of café style furniture, so even if we can’t replicate all aspects of a café setting, we can borrow some of its look by completing our décor with café style seating!

Bentwood chairs

Seducing the eye with its curvaceous back and classic shape, Thonet bentwood chairs make for a timeless seating choice. Whether you own an original or a reply, such a design will easily imbue your home with a traditional coffeehouse feel. And no worries if you’re not drawn by the traditional look. You can keep the shape but play with colours and finishes to contemporize your space.

Folding French bistro chairs

A distinguished presence in French bistros and gardens, the classic foldable chairs are portable and light, and make for ideal seating both indoor and out. Today these can be found in a large variety of materials, tones and finishes, blending easily in a shabby chic interior, a Scandinavian décor or a contemporary living space.

Tolix chairs

Easiest way to give your home a French café vibe, and impart industrial flair at the same time? Use the Tolix chair, a piece that has been taking the world by storm since 1934. These galvanized steel beauties, whether original or replicas, make for a fantastic seating solution in every kitchen or dining space, and the stools can always do double duty as practical side tables!

Farmhouse cross-back chairs

Perfectly complementing rustic, classic and traditional decors, cross-back chairs are another embodiment of café style seating. They’re functional, sturdy and really versatile, pairing well with many different types of dining tables. Can also be used to set a nice romantic mood.

Woven rattan café chairs

A classic staple of French cafes, bistros and restaurants, woven rattan café chairs boast a lovely casual vibe, making them a laid-back option for eclectic indoor and outdoor decors.

Tufted banquettes

Pretentious homeowners for whom space is not an issue can adorn their dining spaces with luxurious tufted banquettes in jewel tones to recreate the elegant cosiness of aristocratic cafes.

Café style seating makes a truly inspired choice if you’re looking to recreate the ambiance of your favourite go-to place for that strong morning coffee or the afternoon latte, and if your kitchen space features a wall-size window, the best thing to try is put a shelving surface and arrange a few sleek café style chairs or stools to perch yourself on top of and enjoy the view.

If you’re not convinced that café style seating deserves its place in your home, start small by decorating your balcony with a tiny table and a couple of foldable café style chairs. You’ll soon be moving those inside the house. They’re perfect for adding charm and personality to small spaces!i