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Interior Spotlight | Wicker Furniture – an Indoor and Outdoor Favourite

We’ve all heard about wicker furniture, particularly in association with outdoor decor. Often confused with rattan, wicker is not actually a material, but a form of weaving using various plants, grasses and vines, as well as synthetic vinyls and resins. But the appeal of wicker is not limited to porch and patio use, as it can be effortlesly styled to enhance interior decor as well and any room you can think of, even the bedroom!

When used as indoor furniture, wicker usually consists of organic materials, while synthetic wicker furnishings give flair to outdoor designs, whilst withstanding light, heat or moisture.
You may not have realised, yet wicker furniture can easily become an accent piece regardless of your home aesthetic. Like other rough textures, wicker pieces appear natural and comforting, granting living spaces a warmth that oftentimes imbues ecclectic and traditional spaces, along with thick fabrics, uneven surfaces, texturized walls and floorings.

Wicker furniture is so versatile, it can be easily transformed from preppy into bohemian, from rustic into elegant, from Victorian into mediterranean. If you’re looking for classic elegance, opt to achieve a simple, cohesive look using coordinating pieces like armchairs, a love seat and a stylish coffee table with glass-covered top. Cushions in preppy colours and patterns will make all the difference. Speaking of decor items, just by adding bright, saturated textiles like cushions, throws, tableclothes and hides can help disguise wicker furniture into an inviting, bohemian design full of eclectic charm. Colourful fabrics make excellent styling ideas even for worn-out wicker, as damaged furniture with missing pieces can be neatly concealed with textiles matching your current decor.

If you’re not exactly fond of the rustic patio style using classic wicker furniture, or you wish to steer clear from the elegant, commercial wicker look, you can always rely on colourful wicker furniture for added zest, or perhaps turn your porch into a lovely Victorian haven with white wicker furniture elevated by romantic cushions.

Whatever your taste in décor, you can always opt for wicker as a timeless, affordable and sustainable way of furnishing your entire home, inside and out!