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How To | 8 Tips for a Warm and Welcoming Dining Room

Dining rooms are a place to gather your family and friends for great meals and an opportunity to reconnect. They are a place in your home where memories are created and time spent together is everything. Because your dining room holds such a special role in your home, it is crucial that you get it right. Whether you have a formal room in your house or an eat-in kitchen space, the right touches can make your space warm and welcoming. Check out some of these tips and tricks for a warm and welcoming dining room space.

1) Decide the functions

Is your space strictly for eating meals? Or is it also needed for hosting meetings, homework time after school, or extra space for crafts? Think through all of the uses that you want to get out of your dining room in order to develop a furniture plan and layout that makes sense for all of the functions that you want. Once you have that figured out, it is easier to plan the furniture that you will need to make your vision come true.

2) Bring in some art

There are ways to bring your dining room space to the next level beyond the color schemes that you paint on your walls. For example, consider decorating your dining room with a large piece of artwork such as an oversized mural or painting. This can create a focal point in the room that is done in a simple yet welcoming way. The art can help you tie the look and feel of all of the pieces in the room together.

3) Choose your table wisely

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your dining room table. You can opt for simple and classic or go for a bolder statement table. Your dining room table is easily the most important piece of furniture in a dining room, so put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right one. If you’re feeling more on the bold side with this centric piece, you might as well make it stand out by choosing a table that features an interesting shape, eye-catching materials or ornate and unusual table base.

4) Don’t forget a rug

A dining room will look and feel the most at home when you get the right balance of furniture and function. A sleek and modern rug is a great piece for your dining room to help make it feel more welcoming. Especially on a wooden floor, an area rug under the dining room table helps with how comfortable your guests feel as they sit down to have a meal.


5) Chairs are everything

While the dining room table is the key focal point of the room, the dining room chairs are everything when it comes to your guests feeling warm and welcoming. Not only should you choose chairs that match your dining room table and the theme of the room, you need to choose chairs that are comfortable for your guests to sit in. Back support and cushions are two of the easiest ways to provide comfort in the seating arrangements for your guests.

6) Lighten up

No dining room is complete without just the right amount of light. An eye-catching light fixture centered over your dining room table helps you achieve the warm and welcoming feel a dining room needs while still being functional. For example, a grand chandelier made of glass is perfect for the ambiance of an elegant and classy room. Or, if you want a modern or bold look, find a light fixture that is uniquely shaped or a bright accent color.

7) Flowers and shapes

Geometric and floral patterns are key to bringing the look and feel of your dining room together. If you are going for a more traditional or even rustic feel, flower-based patterns for your curtains, rug or chair upholstery are the way to go. However, geometric based patterns are really popular in dining rooms going for a modern look and feel. Geometric based patterns look great in an area rug or curtains for your windows. You can also bring a floral feel into your dining room by making the dining room centerpiece a flower arrangement.

8) Storage space

Accessories in your dining room beyond the tables and chairs are also key in setting the tone for the room. If you choose to store your china in a cabinet right there in the dining room, think about the mood you want your dining room to have and use the cabinet to help bring that to life. You can go for glass shelves and doors in the cabinet so that you can show off your china in a classy way, or you can opt for cabinets that help keep clutter hidden.

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