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Posts tagged: Designer Furniture

Style Focus: Minimalism at Home

Less is More When you see the word “minimalism”, you’re probably imagining immaculate, clean, empty, and (often) white decor. Perhaps minimalism isn’t your interior style, but it’s a style that has been around for some time as a response to over-cluttered houses, the fast turn-over of accessories, and simplicity. The term “minimalism” gets thrown around a lot but...

How to Find the Right Sofa

Whether you’re buying your first sofa or replacing the old faithful one, it’s always hard to find the right sofa. You can measure the floor space time and time again, but there are so many other factors to...

How to Style Your Easter Dining Tablescape

So, here’s the plan: you’re hosting Easter this year but you want your tablescape to be #instagrammable. With endless styles to choose from, you’d be feeling overwhelmed. We’ve done the hard work for you though – so, relax! Get inspired.

Your Colour Guide to A/W 2019

Feeling uninspired and bored with your decor? It’s time for a change this autumn and winter then. Colours this year are all about confidence, reflecting a bold and strong palette. Update your home with our guide to 2019’s A/W colour trend.

Luxurious Marble Dining Tables

A Luxurious Statement to Last a Lifetime Marble has been a statement of luxury in design-conscious homes for centuries. The differences in veining and colour distinguish two marble classics: Calacatta and Carrara Marble. Calacatta is known as a whiter stone with bold and distinguished veining, while Carrara has a soft grey tone with more subtle veining....

A Lounge Seat for Everyone

The living room is where we all gather together. It’s where we spend time bonding with each other while watching T.V or just catching up with family, friends, or even neighbours. So, it makes sense to have the perfect lounge or sofa to define a living room, the centre of entertainment and leisure in the home. Not only do...

How to save money on designer furniture through online shopping

In furniture – just like in fashion – getting your hands on designer pieces means partially saving your income for more months than you’re willing to wait to see your home or commercial space properly furnished. If being style-conscious is synonym with owning designer furniture, you’re probably one of the gazillion people that want to save money while caught in...

Top 10 Interior Design trends for this Australian Winter

Each new season introduces a vast and exciting array of colours, patterns, textures and styles that inspire a partial or total makeover, revitalizing our home decor with a fresh, trendy aesthetic.If you’re hesitant about replenishing your interior with new furniture, acquiring a few new accent pieces will easily get you through the upcoming winter trend-wise. But what are those...

Interior Secrets Revealed: Top 10 bar stools

Bar stools may only be one small element of an interior design, but they can make a bold statement. Whether at home, in a restaurant or bar interior, today’s bar stool designs are stepping out with edgy yet wonderfully familiar forms and retro colours. Choose simple, straightforward designs to complement your streamlined kitchen space. Embrace the industrial vibe...

Tolix: Ground-Breaking, Industrial, Elegant Design from Xavier Pauchard

Way back in 1934, a roofer and zinc worker from the forests of Morvan, Burgundy was about to start a design revolution.At a time when most household items were created from wood, Xavier Pauchard identified the possibility of a new industrial aesthetic that would change the course of furniture design forever. When Pauchard discovered that sheet metal dipped in molten...

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