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How To | 3 Minimalist Styling Tips Designed to Inspire

Minimalist living is based on the key ideas of reducing clutter, only working with the essentials and keeping the overall style simple. Designing your home with a minimalist mindset can be challenging as it calls for less ‘impractical’ decor pieces and more functional, purposeful elements in your home. However, if we strip away the ‘unessential’ items that previously acted as decor, then you could be left with a space with no character. 


Your home should feel like your home. Minimalism doesn’t have to be bare-bone design with mundane furniture pieces. We’ll show you how you can create a fun and quirky minimalist room in a stylish way! 

Norman Metal Frame Console - Natural - Black | Lorene Armchair - Blue Velvet


Keep the Colour Palette Simple 

Our use of colour in interior design is often a reflection of how we feel or want to feel. Minimal furniture doesn’t need to be monochromatic or just black and white - they can be colourful and interesting pieces too! It’s all about keeping the essential pieces and creating a harmonious environment.  To make any colour work, you need to ensure your palette is cohesive. Stick to one base colour and vary the hues. Or choose a maximum of three colours, pair them with a black or white accent to ground the room so all the pieces work together. Don’t forget about matching metals


Molly Blue Velvet Armchair - Black Base | Avante 2 Doors Side Cupboard - Black Veneer.


One way to keep your colour palette simple is to introduce pieces into your space that are bold in colour but minimal in style. We’ve collated a number of items that demonstrate how you can bring funky colours into a minimalist living room without overdoing it. Our Kellie Armchair, upholstered in dark maroon velvet features a streamlined silhouette that allows the colour to be the centrepiece. The turquoise shade of our Pilla Sofa, complements the deep maroon shade of the Kellie armchair, despite both being vibrant and bold. Note that Pilla also has a simple silhouette, allowing the room to still feel open and clutter free. 

Pilla 3 Seater Chesterfield Fabric Sofa in Velvet Turquoise -2.2mKellie Armchair - Dark Maroon Velvet | Cassian Marble Side Table


To ground these pieces, we’ve added the Cassian Marble Side Table. The intricate gold frame matches the chrome finish on Kellie’s legs, whilst the crisp surface of the marble table works cohesively with the cool tone of the Pilla Sofa. White acts as a neutral partner to the two and lets the eyes settle from the brighter pieces. When designing the rest of the room, remember the key idea of keeping it simple with the essentials only! 


Play with Texture

If you don’t want to introduce bold colours, bringing a variety of textural elements into the space can alternatively add interest and personality. Below is a great example of how texture can elevate a living room with a black and white monochromatic colour palette. 


Dahlia 2m Entertainment TV Unit - Black Veneer | Linus 58cm Grey Marble Coffee Table | Sally Lounge Chair - Dark Blue PU- Grey


An easy way to play with texture is to contrast. We’ve paired a soft velvet chair with the hard wooden unit to highlight their structural and textural differences.The wooden entertainment unit also has additional textural accents achieved through its vertical panelling. Simple and understated patterns like this can be used to create a visually intriguing aesthetic. 


Dahlia Entertainment TV Unit - Black Veneer


Texture isn’t just about how a room looks. Being in a room or space needs to appeal to as many senses as possible! How the furniture feels is just as important as how it looks. A comfortable sofa paired with the smooth hard surface of a marble coffee table are stark opposites that contrast nicely.


Go Green

Whether artificial or real, plants are the saving grace of minimalist design. If you’re lacking character or there are too many sparse areas, introducing plants into your space will bring the room to life. As well as creating a soothing environment, plants bring colour and texture without disrupting the harmony!


Pilla 3 Seater Fabric Sofa Toronto Square  Black Marble Coffee Table.


At the core of minimalism, there is a desire to own only the essentials in order to reduce the clutter that fills our daily lives. We believe that every space needs a balance of minimalist living and inspiring design. So go with the pieces that make you happy and remember these tips to create the minimalist room of your dreams.