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How To | Style For The Autumn Season

We’re well and truly into Autumn. It’s been a strange start to the season with most of us staying indoors, unable to enjoy the last of the warmer weather as much as we usually would. So what better way to embrace the end of the season than to bring some of our favourite Autumn elements into the home. Think warm colours, earthy tones and textured pieces. We’ll show you how to be inspired by an Autumn palette and bring these elements into your own space. 

Earthy + Muted Decor 

When it comes to Autumn, the thought of nature, colourful foliage and falling leaves come to mind. It’s the season where leaves change from vibrant greens to varying shades of yellow, red and orange. Let’s just say it’s an earthy and warm colour palette that we love. So how can you bring this into your home? 


Delta Summer 1 Wall Art Print

Instead of focusing on your main pieces like a dining table or console focus more on your smaller items. Wall art pieces like our Balance Clay 2 Print or our Delta Summer 2 Wall Art Print contain earthy undertones that embrace this Autumn colour palette. Whether you focus more on terracotta hues or a dark red rust or maroon you’ll automatically bring a sense of warmth into your space. 

Natural Wood Tones 

Naturally, a dining table or wooden console piece with a textured grain, is the go-to option to create a soft and inviting Autumn style in your natural wood or reclaimed grain will bring the organic and rough textures of outside elements seamlessly into your home. 

Miriam 2.4m Wooden Dining Table - Dusty Oak with Matte Black Base


If you like the natural look but prefer bold or dark features, we’d recommend a dining table with industrial metal legs like our Edwin Reclaimed Dining Table or our Dalton Reclaimed Elm Wood Dining Table. These pieces provide a versatile blend of industrial textures to add a contemporary style to any home. 


Cohesive Colour Palette 

To complement the warmer colour palette you’ve created with your decor, dining table or console, choose smaller items that add interest to the space with their striking form rather than with colour. 

Rivera Fabric Dining Chair - Oslo Grey - Black Legs.


If your wooden dining room table contains textures or geometric patterns, there is enough visual detail in the space to opt for a subtle coloured dining chair in a beige or grey. A simple fabric dining chair with a striking form will complement rather than detract from the earthy decor you’ve selected. 

Create your own Autumn Decor 

We love DIY as much as the next person and during isolation we figured there’s no better time than now to get creative with your own Autumn Inspired Decor. You’ll find most art and craft stores are still open to allow you to awaken your creative flare. If not don’t be afraid to go rummaging outside (of course in your own garden!). 
Ted 1.39m Reclaimed Narrow Wood Console Table - Black
What you need: 
  • Natural Wrapped Florist Wire 
  • Florist Twine 
  • Wire Cutters
  • Artificial flora and fauna in chosen colours
  • Florist tape (in dark green or brown) 
  • To create this Autumn wreath we headed to our local Spotlight store and stocked up the required items to get our wreath underway! 
  • Firstly we started with the base of the wreath. Here you can choose to purchase a pre-made wreath or if the size isn’t quite right opt make your own. We decided to create our own wreath out of natural wrapped florist wire so we could get the right scale for the room! We wrapped a few layers of florist wire around each other for added thickness and to ensure the base was stable and strong. 
  • Once the wreath is formed we suggest mapping out the placement of the flora and fauna. We opted for dark red and green toned pieces to complement the colours of our chosen decor and homewares. Where you place the artificial floristry on the wreath is completely up to you! Our rule for layering was to start with fauna on the bottom and gradually add flora where required.
  • Once you have worked out basic placement, attach the artificial flowers and leaves onto the wreath by binding them together with florist wire or florist tape. Repeat this process until you are happy with the consistency and overall placement. 
  • The final touch is to add florist twine to the top of the wreath so you can hang the wreath on the wall above your console table, buffet or sideboard. 


    There you have it, your own Autumn Inspired Styling that will bring warmth, personality and a homely vibe into your space this season.