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How to | Create an Inspired Living Space


Home is a pretty special place and now more than ever, we’re appreciating just how important it is. Recently, for the health of others, and ourselves we’re being urged to stay in our homes.  So let’s take a moment to appreciate the roofs over our heads that we often take for granted and show our home the love it deserves. We’ll show you how to create an inspired living space that’s comfortable and homey. 


Amp up the coziness  

Whether it’s used as a reading spot, a resting place or a place to binge-watch Netflix, your sofa is guaranteed to be the piece that gets the most use in your living space. So choose a sofa wisely, even get the whole family involved! Amp up the coziness factor with a plush and comfy sofa like our Hawkins 4 Seater.


Hawkins Fabric Sofa.


If you want to create a neutral and contemporary space, opt for a chaise lounges in beige or grey. Softer tones are timeless and allows you to style with different coloured decor pieces depending on your mood or the season. 


Natural wood tones  

If you’re looking to add more harmony and warmth to your humble abode, opt for natural wooden pieces. A simple timber side table or coffee table will lighten up your space and provide an overall relaxing atmosphere and nod to nature. Bringing natural tones into your home will also create a feeling of warmth and calm. A piece like our Sandoval Coffee Table provides an organic texture and charm that any living space will love. 

Charlene Side Table.


Be brave + bold with art 

Add vibrancy to your space with a coloured wall art piece. You’ll be surprised how the right painting or print can shape the overall mood of your living space. Choosing a bold wall art piece is an effective way to add personality to your styling without over cluttering the space. 

Byron Wall Art | Charlene Coffee Table.


Add a mix of coloured + muted decor 

Finish your space off with printed cushions or a mix of your favourite bold and light hues. This will allow you to layer texture and colour easily without taking away from your statement pieces. If you love decor (because who doesn’t) we’d suggest finding neutral tone pieces in light greys, pinks or white. Add your hint of colour with artificial or real greenery to tie in your natural pieces and decor. 

Muriel Round Coffee Table

As much as we love re-decorating our homes and giving you the go-to tips on how to do so, one thing to remember during this time is to be kind to yourself. Create a space you feel at home in, whether that’s by restyling, adding some comfy cushions here and there or just enjoying moments with your family. As long as you’re with your family and safe in your space, your home will forever be your sanctuary. These are just a few tips to inspire you along the way. Stay home and stay safe.