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      Posts tagged: Office

      How To | Create a Productive Office with 4 Quick Tips

      Having a productive workspace is important for anyone working from home, studying, or for the professional office. Re-energise your office with these 4 quick tips.

      Style Focus | Lavish Office Furniture for an Organised and Sophisticated Office

      Whether you work in a busy office, own a business or you’re a freelancer working from home, you are undoubtedly aware of the impact that quality office furniture has on your productivity, focus and your overall wellbeing in the workplace. So, it's important to find the right office furniture for you and your needs. Here is our quick guide...

      How To | Stylish Storage Hacks for Your Home Office

      To have a completely clean and zen office, all of your work supplies should have their own space. That’s “Organisation 101.” Storage and decor options can begin to be really boring if you only focus on their utility, though. If you wanted to work in a bland office, you could just go to a huge company and sit...

      Interior Spotlight | 3 Pieces to Maximize Your Office Productivity

      Working a job can be hard, but your chair doesn’t have to be!  Comfort is an important aspect in every workplace. There have been many studies conducted based on how the furniture we use affects our bodies. Ergonomics plays a large role in how people select their furniture. Here at Interior Secrets, we keep comfort and usability in mind,...

      How To | Redesign Your Office

      Your workplace furniture is a representation of your office culture, so having quality desks are an important feature. Having a functional and attractive environment shows that your company values your team and clients. Picking out desks can feel daunting, especially if you’re trying to match and having an image in your mind of what your office represents. Interior Secrets makes...

      Interior Spotlight | Why You Eeed Ergonomic Office Chairs

      We spend a fair portion of our lives in office chairs and without a very comfortable office chair we could potentially be stuck with a number of problems like back pain, neck strains and more. A comfortable office chair which is built to last could be an investment that not only works to protect your health but also leads to...

      How to | Choosing the Right Office Chair

      Although home decor often captures most of the attention when it comes to interior design, it’s important to put the same amount of care and consideration into furnishing your office. An integral part of your work space, office furniture is important for the comfort and overall feel of every work environment. One of the most important pieces of this...

      Style Focus | Your Key to Business Success - Amazing Office Furniture

      Whether a business owner or not, your office space is an important part of the success puzzle. A well-decorated and nicely-outfitted office will set a professional tone. It will also boost productivity among your employees. Most important in your office decor is contemporary, comfortable and functional office furniture. There’s an art to picking office furniture that’s effective and looks...

      Trend Alert | Styling an Office for Maximum Productivity

      Office spaces have to be arranged and put together, set up and designed in a way that you are going to reach your maximum levels of productivity. When you optimize your workspace, you can greatly improve your concentration, peace of mind and productivity levels. However, don’t be overwhelmed — you don’t need to pull in an expert interior designer to...

      Style Focus | Working from Home with Style

      Your home office could use some reinvention if it were to set the scene for a more ingenious and productive you. So now’s a good time like any to put new ideas into practice, so you can do your work in the comfort of your living space…and do so in style! Clutter-proof No desk, no matter how stylish, can look...

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