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How To | Create a Productive Office with 4 Quick Tips

Having a productive workspace is important for anyone working from home, studying, or for the professional office. But if you feel like your space is stagnating and uninspiring then it’s time to update your office furniture. Re-energise your office with these 4 quick tips.

1. Simplify the Desk

This is where you should start – the desk is the most important piece for a productive workspace. The more things you have around, the harder it is to maintain. Have a minimalistic approach to organising by keeping only the main essentials within easy reach and rest of your files and supplies tucked in desk drawers or bigger storage.


Zeno Home Office Desk.


But finding office desks for your home can be challenging. Measuring your space can help you determine what size desk works best for your study. Consider the use of the study or office and your work too. Opt for more spacious office workstations if you need room to work on projects, or choose smaller desks if you only use your desktop for short hours at a time.


2. Find the Chair

Once you considered and decided the use of your workspace, then it’s time to choose the right chair. Pay attention to your back. Ask yourself how many hours you’ll be spending here; 2 hours or 8 hours? For anyone working any an office job, we spend plenty of time sitting at the desk so investing in supportive ergonomic office chairs is important. However, if your workspace is an occasional office or study, then, by all means, opt for more stylish options like a leather seat or vintage chair.


Velda Home Office Desk.

Pro tips:  Make sure your chair and desk height allow your keyboard and forearms to sit parallel to the floor. Additionally, your monitor screen should be eye-level to avoid eye fatigue.


3. Stay Clutter-Free

No doubt you’ll need reliable office storage in your workspace. Whether it’s just to store your stationary or important files, keeping a clear and non-cluttered area will help increase your productivity. Opt for small storage like mobile pedestals for quick access, bookcases for display, or filing cabinets to meet your storage demands. After all, a clear space is a clear mind.


4. Style with Decor

Last but not least: decor. While it’s important to separate your personal life from your work life, adding personal touches will help bring inspiration and motivation to your work. Lighting has a profound effect on your mood and focuses as well, Experiment with different intensities and light tones to find the best lighting to brighten your space and mood.


Don’t forget colourful accents too! For the creatives, choose cool tones like blue to spark your imagination and creativity. If you need some energy, look towards active colours like oranges and reds to give you that drive. From artwork to plants, these small touches can help sustain positive vibes and energy.