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How To | Stylish Storage Hacks for Your Home Office

To have a completely clean and zen office, all of your work supplies should have their own space. That’s “Organisation 101.” Storage and decor options can begin to be really boring if you only focus on their utility, though. If you wanted to work in a bland office, you could just go to a huge company and sit at a cubicle instead of working from home. If you already sit at a cubicle in your day job, you definitely wouldn’t want to come home and see something similar while you work in your home office. Making your home office inviting and useful does not have to be a laborious task, though.

These are a few easy ways to get the most out of your office furniture in both form and function.

Floating shelves

For a subtle and stylish way to accessorize your walls while also creating some storage space, floating shelves are a great option. Floating shelves an easy way to display art and plants next to your important items such as books and files. Such decor breaks up the monotony of seeing only work related items.The Ernest Wall Shelves are created in a mid-century modern minimalist style, making them compatible with several decor themes. A quick tip to style them effortlessly: add a small potted plant, such as a cactus or ivy, a few of your favourite books related to your business, a framed inspirational quote, and a decorative clock.

Cube shelves

Cube shelves aren’t just for cubby holes at children’s schools anymore. They are a modern option for shelving that can be highly personalized. Each cube can serve as book storage, hold baskets to keep things in, or display your decor. It is a multifunctional option that can easily reflect your style. The Karl line of storage shelves are available in white or antique oak colours, and come in heights of 1, 2, 3, or 4 cubes. They can be paired up in stair stepping fashion, or you can pair several of the same height to create an even surface for storing more items or displaying more decor.

Stylish bookshelves

A shelving unit with character can set a home office apart on its own. It automatically is a step away from “functional only” drab storage solutions. You can create even more character with it by decorating it with some of your favourite things. The Industrial Tripod Bookcase is spacious and has an intriguing design. It is sturdy and can hold your heavier office supplies. Pair those heavy supplies and the heaviness of the shelf with lightweight decor to create balance within the shelf.

Desks with Storage

Some home office desks are very minimal to allow for the small layout of a home office. However, if you have the space to spare, a multifunctional desk with extra storage makes so much sense because you definitely need both a desk and a place to store your business material. The Aero Seater Office Desk is a desk and storage drawer unit all in one, replacing two of the desk legs with the cabinet as its base on one side. This all-in-one duo is perfect for storing files and office supplies right next to you as you work without disrupting the flow of your space.

Maximum Storage with Style

If your work requires a large amount of area to store things and keep them out of sight, but you don’t want to be surrounded by mountains of metal filing cabinets, a more stylish approach would be the Excel Office Storage Cabinet. The doors are made with paneled wood which give it the look and feel of an accent wall versus a storage unit. Top it with decor such as framed art, candles, or even a mini-coffee station to make it an even more cosy piece.

Side Tables & Benches

Side tables, benches, bedside stands, and ottomans are not furniture pieces that you would normally find in an office, but they can really make a home office feel both professional and comforting. Benches with hidden storage compartments can store away any clutter or devices that you do not use often. Side tables or nightstands can do the same job. You can put a small printer on top of the side table or a set of binders inside of the shelf of a night stand.

The Maine Square Ottoman has an open area below that could store cute paper keepers or decorative boxes to hold whatever you need. The ASTA SQ Wooden Bedside Table is has both an open area and a drawer that are both great for storage. Place it beside a lounge chair and decorate it with a lamp, a stack of books, and a photo to make it feel like an optimal home office piece.

There are so many ways to style your home office while making it both beautiful and functional. Maximizing storage space doesn’t have to be a hideous sight. Take advantage of mixing the use of items in order to make them aesthetically pleasing and useful. Finding this balance is what truly makes a home office organised, inspirational, and an inviting place to get your work done.