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Modern Style TV Unit Designs: A Look at Trends in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the TV Entertainment Units has undergone a remarkable transformation. Once considered a mere functional piece of furniture, it has now become a focal point of contemporary living spaces. Modern style TV unit designs exemplify the marriage of functionality and aesthetics, catering...

Interior Spotlight | Lounge Chair Love Affair

Handcrafted lounge chairs can be a huge focal point for any room. Whether you are sitting back and watching TV or looking for a functional chair that you can use for relaxing and reflecting, a lounge chair is a great addition to your living room or your study. Lounge chairs allow you to recline and enjoy your surroundings in a...

How To | Create Your Perfect Mood Board

Planning out the perfect space can be daunting – especially when the space is empty. Should I have a feature wall? What colour is currently trending? Timber flooring, polished concrete, or tile? And what’s up with velvet? So many questions! [Insert panic here].   Luckily we have the answer - two words, nine letters: mood board. This...

How to | Achieving the Modern Mid-Century Style and Nailing It

Modern mid-Century is a style that has remained perpetually in trend and in demand until this day. It’s easily distinguished through its use of sleek lines, minimal decor and organic inspiration. Although there’s always a debate about when this movement started, it reached its all-time peak between the 1930s-1960s.

How To | Find Your Perfect Entertainment Unit

Decades ago the term ‘entertainment centre’ meant a place outside the home where one would go on the weekends and have fun. These days the entertainment centre is within our home thanks to technology. It’s the centre of attention, space where we watch our Netflix marathons, where we go to unwind and relax after long days. We spend...

How To | Refresh Your Space With Some New Dining Chairs

Looking to refresh your space with some new dining chairs? Interior Secrets offers a wide range of excellent chairs – ranging from eclectic and natural to cozy and organic. Any dining room would be improved with a new set of functional chairs. Visit our online store to see all options or directly come to our showroom. ...

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