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The Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s time to thank mum this Mother's Day, the most important woman in your life! But don’t just give her flowers (even though it’s beautiful and thoughtful), surprise her with something she’ll love forever. 

Your Colour Guide to A/W 2019

Feeling uninspired and bored with your decor? It’s time for a change this autumn and winter then. Colours this year are all about confidence, reflecting a bold and strong palette. Update your home with our guide to 2019’s A/W colour trend.

A Lounge Seat for Everyone

The living room is where we all gather together. It’s where we spend time bonding with each other while watching T.V or just catching up with family, friends, or even neighbours. So, it makes sense to have the perfect lounge or sofa to define a living room, the centre of entertainment and leisure in the home. Not only do...

Find Your Perfect Entertainment Unit

Decades ago the term ‘entertainment centre’ meant a place outside the home where one would go on the weekends and have fun. These days the entertainment centre is within our home thanks to technology. It’s the centre of attention, space where we watch our Netflix marathons, where we go to unwind and relax after long days. We spend...

5 quick and easy tips to style your sofa

We all can agree that one of the best feelings after a long day is sitting down on the sofa and relaxing! The seating in a living area serves as much more than just a place to sit. Sofas are where we congregate to talk about our day, to watch movies, to have game nights, eat delicious snacks, and much...

Find the Perfect Coffee & Side Tables with these 3 Tips

Coffee tables silently steal the show in your living room, and side tables are their partners in crime.  They seem simple at first, but you will come to notice that are actually the center for all activity.  You sit around the coffee table, prop your feet up on it, place your best pieces of literature on it, adorn it with...

How to choose the right TV unit

Choosing a TV unit that fits your space as well as your budget and style can be quite difficult to manage. TV units can be made to suit many modern electronics and devices, although it is important to choose an item that suits the area you want to put it. If you have just moved into a new place...

Choosing the right Coffee table for your space

Depending on the space that you live in, you may find it difficult to actually find a coffee table that suits the needs of your room and your décor. Coffee tables can be an excellent selection that can go far beyond the living room as well. Using a coffee table in your bedroom could allow an extra space for...

Lounge chair love affair

Handcrafted lounge chairs can be a huge focal point for any room. Whether you are sitting back and watching TV or looking for a functional chair that you can use for relaxing and reflecting, a lounge chair is a great addition to your living room or your study. Lounge chairs allow you to recline and enjoy your surroundings in a...

Product of the Week: Designer Ottomans

A good quality and well-built designer Ottoman is one of the best ways that you can create a versatile sitting space within your home. With a well-designed Ottoman you could have a functional piece of furniture that can be used to very easily put your feet up, hold a drink, sit on and more. An ottoman is far more than...

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