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How to | Host A Winter Wine Night

Cold nights are well and truly here to stay and it’s only the start of winter! Most of us can agree that there’s nothing better on a winter night than getting cosy on the couch and enjoying a good glass of red. Now that we are able to entertain at home, it’s the perfect time to invite your nearest and dearest over for a bottle of red and the perfect winter spread. Not sure where to start? We’ll show you how. 


Make your room cosy with decor.

Any living space can be made into a cosy haven with the right decor. Enter the throw rug. A cosy throw will set your space up with a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for smaller spaces or living areas without a heating option. To add comfort and colour to your living space, add some plush cushions. Velvet cushions are our go-to choice in winter. They add a luxurious touch and feel to the sofa, whilst also being functional and purposeful in providing a comfortable sofa set-up.


Denmark 3 Seater Fabric Sofa - Dust Blue.

A wall art piece like our Native Bouquet 1 Wall Art Print will add calmness to your space with its earthy tones and subtle colour palette. Choosing a piece that brings outdoor elements in will be sure to pair well with naturally toned wood pieces and offer a sense of tranquillity and stillness in your living space. 


Bonnie 2m Entertainment TV Unit - Dusty Oak | Native Bouquet 1 Wall Art Print.


Create the perfect spread.

Now you have your decor sorted, it’s time to wine + dine with the perfect winter spread. It’s difficult to know where to start but our rule is to ensure your selected elements have a balance of texture, sweetness and creaminess. The sharpness of a creamy blue cheese can be offset by the sweetness found in grapes + figs. Pair these elements with your choice of crackers and you have the perfect balance of flavours. 


Don’t forget the wine! Whether you choose red, white or rose, a cheese platter is never complete without a glass of your favourite drop. Sipping wine whilst you graze over your cheeseboard will help cleanse the palette and in most cases complement the flavours. 


Barry 1.4m Reclaimed Pine Coffee Table.


Your choice of wine may be dependent on the cheese you choose, so we’d suggest trying to pair your wine and cheese together. We’re no experts but here’s some tips to follow that we’ve learnt along the way: 


Hard Cheese 

A hard cheese like a cheddar or manchego pair well with your red wine options. Try them next time with a cabernet sauvignon.

Soft Cheese

Your soft cheese family which includes a creamy camembert or brie, will pair well with a fruity wine like a pinot noir or rose.

Blue Cheese 

A sweet option like a port or stilton compliment your blue cheese selections including gorgonzola or stilton. 

Goats Cheese 

You can’t go past a sauvignon blanc as a pairing with a soft and creamy goat's cheese. 

Forage through the garden. 

We love selecting items found in the garden not only as an aesthetic touch but also to complete the overall relaxed and cosy vibe. Next time you host a wine night or construct a grazing platter, pick some fresh sprigs + blooms from the garden.



Whether you choose to add these elements to your cheeseboard or as a decorative touch on your coffee table, the scent of rosemary or oregano will complement your colour palette and complete the winter ambience in your space. 


Now you’ve got the basic tips to wine + dine with, it’s time to rug up, get comfy and prepare your next winter night in.