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How To | Refresh Your Space With Some New Dining Chairs

Looking to refresh your space with some new dining chairs? Interior Secrets offers a wide range of excellent chairs – ranging from eclectic and natural to cozy and organic. Any dining room would be improved with a new set of functional chairs. Visit our online store to see all options or directly come to our showroom.

The Eames replica dining chair  features solid timber legs and beautiful fabric upholstery in a variety of colours and patterns. This is a classic mid 20th century seat that would look great in a room with retro accents. The side arms offer light support while showcasing a fluid shape to connect to the chair back.

If you are trying to bring some nature into your dining room, the Replica Marcello Ziliani Caprice Chair will be a good fit. The artistic seat and back emulate the look of tree branches, inviting the outdoors into your house. Sun resistant, outdoor friendly and it will not mark up your floors. This chair would also suit office space well and provide a solid seat for any visitor.

DSW Dining Side Chair – Eames Replica is a contemporary chaise that would make your room feel like the set of a trendy mid-century film. It is particularly well suited for a household décor that mimics the 1960’s style. This popular vintage style reveals a natural look while remaining comfortable with a supportive plastic waterfall seat. This chair comes in a spectrum of shades including black and white with a variety of wooden or metal leg styles.

The Tulip Dining Chair – Eero Saarinen Replica is ideal for shorter tables and counters. They also fit well under dine-in counters in kitchen spaces. Customize the fabric by selecting from a variety of colours and keep the base white to make the colour stand out. These chairs spin in a 360 degree circle which would entertain children and adults alike – keeping this chair in high demand.

A trendy wire option, which would look good in your office, bedroom, dining space, or basement is the Quinn Wire Dining Chair. Using current materials to show off mid-century style, this chair casts a striking look. Bringing a classic edgy linear look to the metal legs makes this chair an easy addition to your space. This chair would do well in a start-up office or any industrial office space.

Need something comfy yet stylish for your guests to sit on? The Johansen upholstered Dining Chair offers your friends a relaxed seat for them to sit on while enjoying a home cooked meal, watching TV or sipping on a cup of tea. The legs are made of solid oak for a strong and streamlined look, while the fabric demonstrates a softness that invites the touch.

Eclectic is how you will be seen if you purchase the multicolour DSW Dining Side Chair. The fabric print will wow your family and demonstrate your keen design sense. The legs are made of solid maple and the seat provides stable yet snug support. This chair would look great in a residential or commercial setting and is especially well-suited for and office waiting room.

There are many options for outdoor seating and an excellent chair for your deck is the Louis Ghost Dining Armchair – Philippe Starck Replica. The sleek white look will suit any design set up, and the materials of the chair are sun and rain tolerant. A great feature of this chair is the ability to stack the chairs 6 high, which would be a great trait for a patio, restaurant or café. The chair also works well indoors and would do particularly well in event venue space.

Another fantastic selection for outdoor seating is the Victoria Ghost Dining Chair – Philippe Starck Replica. This chair is an elegant polycarbonate design and would work for any room in your house as well as your outside space. It is also stackable and the clean white style works for any wall colour.

If you are in the Melbourne, Australia area feel free to stop by our Interior Secrets showroom to see these chairs for yourself. We would love to show you the possibilities for your space and hear how you envision your future décor. Our consultants would also be happy to recommend the right chair for the right room.

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