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How To | Find Your Perfect Entertainment Unit

Decades ago the term ‘entertainment centre’ meant a place outside the home where one would go on the weekends and have fun. These days the entertainment centre is within our home thanks to technology. It’s the centre of attention, space where we watch our Netflix marathons, where we go to unwind and relax after long days. We spend so much time here that it makes sense to also give our beloved TVs and other entertainment appliances a home with entertainment units, hiding messy cords and unsightly boxes.

But entertainment units are much more than that. They complete your space with stylish flair, offer modern functionality, and smart convenient storage if you choose carefully. Purchasing an entertainment unit shouldn’t be an impulse buy though. So, take a moment to read our tips on how to find your perfect entertainment unit.

1) Focal Point

Ask yourself: what is your focal point? Is it your coffee table or your sofa? Do you want a classic living room layout that incorporates more home decor and doesn’t necessarily focus on the television? Or is the television exactly where you want everyone to look? If your family watches a lot of tv together and it’s the star of the room, let your entertainment unit reflect that.

A bold unit like the Dane TV Entertainment Unit showcases its beautiful and natural woodgrain body accented by pops of warm colour for an easy and sleek contemporary makeover. Its simplicity allows draws the focus to the television that sits on top or hangs above it.

If you’d rather have your television blend in with your home decor, a multifunctional piece like the Montana Entertainment Unit with Shelves provides just that. This style statement piece offers ample and convenient storage to display photos, store books, and create a beautiful arrangement of decor alongside your TV. It takes the focus off the screen alone and creates an eye-catching area with several focal points.

2) Style

Determining the style that you want your home to reflect will help you narrow down which entertainment unit works best for you. First consider the existing aesthetic of your home and living place to avoid clashing styles and costly mistakes. The natural lighting of the space should also determine your colour choices to make the best of what you got. Opt for lighter furnishings if the lighting is darker to contrast and help improve the ambience.

If lighting isn’t an issue, opt for dark and matte furnishings like the Norman 1.5m TV Entertainment Unit, which embodies modern functionality and minimalism to give your living space that stylish edge. With clean lines and deep walnut tones, this gorgeous unit adds charming character to the space.

A more traditional and rustic option is the stunning Phoenix Reclaimed Lowline Entertainment Unit. The clean lines made with dark metal contrast wonderfully with the weathered and light colour wood veneer, blending rustic and industrial styles in contemporary harmony.

Or if you’re loving the mid-century trend, the retro-inspired Johansen Scandinavian Lowline TV Entertainment Unit breathes classic dark wood tones to enhance your living space with vintage vibes. The earthen hues stand out with pops of colour or accented by lush greenery to bring out the natural colours to complete the living space.

3) Storage

Your storage needs will also help you determine which entertainment unit is the best for you. Buffets and sideboards can serve as extra storage for DVDs, games, books, and more. They can also function alone as an entertainment unit. They typically stand taller and have more storage space than stylish entertainment units.

A wall mounted television would look great above the smoked oak color of the Madrid Buffet Unit. Its unique textured look echo the raw beauty of natural cracked wood for an organic statement piece that is like a work of art.

For a simpler unit, the simple and clean lines of the Halifax Console Table is a guaranteed no-fuss design that would be just right to display small knick knacks or vibrant plants. The minimalist design, paired with rustic textures, make it a versatile piece to suit any style.

No matter your design preference or storage needs, you can find a TV entertainment unit, console, or buffet that will complete your living space and add beauty to your decor.