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How To | 6 Tips to Make Your House Feel like Home

One of the most exciting parts of owning a house or moving into a new place is filling your space with decor that you love. Your sofa, bed, dining set, and small items hold special memories to show that a house is a home. No matter what style you’re going for, there are basic homeware elements that always make a house feel inviting, cozy, and – most importantly – stylish.

Plush Elements

There’s nothing more delightful than a soft rug beneath your feet and fluffy cushions behind your back. Not only do they add wondrous comfort, they are perfect for accessorising your sofa or bed. Bright throw rugs and cushions can add a pop of colour and are great to introduce patterns and to contrast against a neutral or muted colour palette.

Mixing patterns and matching palettes can spruce up your sofa and add geometric fun to the living room.

Pair the Carlos Felted Wool Rug with a solid coloured couch for a beautifully coordinated and personalised space.


Plants always bring more life and light into a space and add a relaxing ambience to soothe your mind. However, all plants require care and love to keep them vibrant all year long. For those with a green thumb, we applaud you. For those with thumbs that aren’t so green, all hope is not lost.

Big plants make big statements from any corner of the living or dining room. If you’re short on space, opt for smaller plants to add to bookshelves or coffee tables.

Don’t forget to give your faux plants sunlight too! Place them in areas where you would with real plants to catch all of that natural light to refresh your space. Add your personal touch by moving the faux plants into new stylish pots, even adding dirt to make them look more authentic. Lastly, make sure to dust your plants regularly so visitors may never know your artificial plant secrets.


There’s nothing vain about adding a decorative mirror in your space. Mirrors are great to do that final outfit check before heading out the door, but they serve a bigger purpose in design.

Eva Mirror

Small and ornamental mirrors are great for entryways or hallways to adorn the bare walls with style. They’re also great to add the illusion of more space in compact areas.

Mira Leaner Rectangular Mirror – Coal

When well-placed in a space, tall mirrors can enlarge any sized room and brighten the mood by reflecting a sunny day’s rays. Like your furnishings, mirrors can reflect your style, ranging from simple silhouettes to more elegant frames.


Pablo Picasso said it best: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”. Artwork can hold so much meaning and are the mood-makers in any room. Go for wall art pieces that will go well with your existing decor but also speak to your soul.

Aquarelle Wall Art Canvas Painting | Pink Ice Wall Art Framed Print | Cactus Country Photographic Wall Art Print

From serene to lively to realistic pieces, choosing wall art is a chance to show off your unique and personal tastes. Don’t shy away from it. Take risks and embrace it to bring your home to life.

Wall Clocks

Who needs a clock when everyone has a smartphone these days? But a wall clock is a timeless piece. They make your space feel complete and like it belongs to a responsible adult. If you have kids, it helps them learn to read an analogue clock first. For others, clocks are a daily necessity.

Destiny Mantle Clock |  Balaclava Metal Clock – Copper/ White

Wall clocks don’t have to be boring though. Stylish and functional, add them to a gallery wall or let them stand alone like art.


Let’s talk about ‘The Rule of Threes’. The principle holds weight in interior design, but also in writing, photography, and graphic design (so it’s a thing). Any odd number will work, like 5,7, or 9, but there’s something about three that works.

S/3 Cell Wall Shelves make a great wall display!

But why? Well, it’s just how our complex brains like to work. It likes to make distinguishable patterns in our heads, and three being the smallest odd number is the easiest and quickest pattern to recognise.

Quadro Brass Ornament Set of 3 | Tri Multi Wall Planter Black

The rule of threes doesn’t just apply to decor, it can also apply to furnishings to give you more storage. Such as, the three-tier feature of the chic Fitzgerald Drink Trolley is ideal to store glasses and drinks. Adding elements in groups of three is a like magic trick to instantly make your decor look like an interior stylist arranged it. Things look good in threes. It’s memorable, impactful, and effective.

Whether you’re itching for major revamps or want to make minor updates, these tips will always lend a helping hand to turn a house into your home.