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How to | Styling Your Hallway Console Tables

The hallway is a hard and awkward space to style. Long, narrow, and compact, hallways don’t leave enough room for big furniture or lots of decor.  Hallways are often forgotten in the decorating process, making it hollow and empty. So, don’t style your hallway as an afterthought. They deserve the style treatment too! If first impressions are important to you, then creating a chic and friendly hallway is a must. It takes careful planning and smart styling to make hallways work but it’s doable.


Why it Matters

A hallway, for most homes, is where you and your guests get the first impression of your home. It should be welcoming while expressing a bit of your personality. Decorate your hallway as you would any room in your home. In a way, you’re making adjustments to fit your interior style into a smaller space.


Make it Functional

Whether it’s by design or a lack of windows, hallways can be dimly lit or dark, which makes your home’s first impression an uninviting one. Opt for pendant lighting to add some pizzazz to the space, or a floor lamp if your hallway has the space for it.


Johansen Console Table - Walnut.


Decorative mirrors are great additions to the hallway. Functional and stylish, mirrors will also reflect any natural light the hallway will get and open up the narrow space. You can also do one last outfit check before you head out the door!


Norman Console Table.


Console tables with drawers are perfect for homes needing extra storage for letters or random knick-knacks. Opt for a seating bench instead of a console if you like to put on your shoes and take them off at the entrance.  Or a coat rack to hang your outerwear and bags.


A Bit of Greenery Goes a Long Way

You can’t go wrong with flowers or indoor plants in any space. Plants add a fresh air vibe as well as adding some life to a narrow hallway. From small vases to tall plants, these small additions help make the hallway a more vibrant space in the home. Artificial plants are great for dimly lit hallways. They don't need watering or sunlight and will always stay vibrant and fresh-looking every day.


Edwin Dining Bench | Eucalyptus Blossom Wall Art.


Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistake is not taking the styling opportunity to decorate the hallway and show off your personality. The hallway is where guests, visiting for the first time, will make their first impression. So, styling your hallway with pieces that reflect your personality will make it more welcoming.


On the other hand, a common mistake is over-styling the hallway. Too many pieces in the hallway lead to clutter – a big no-no for any small space. Overall, it’s best to keep the styling simple. By simplifying and adjusting your style to the confined dimensions of a hallway, you can achieve an on-trend and inviting entry for anyone who walks through your door.