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How To | Finding the Perfect Chair and Table for Your Dining Space

Does your dining room leave a lot to be desired, but you don’t know to design it? Most styling guides can be intimidating if you aren’t a designer. This guide makes it easier to find the perfect dining room tables and chair! Whether you love the ornate design or a minimalist approach, Interior Secrets’ dining tables and chairs have something just for you.

The Round Table Dining Set

You love the community and being able to see everyone at once. Passing the pepper is easier this way. A singular centrepiece can change the entire dynamic. What does the round table say about you? If you’re searching for the perfect round table for your dining space, look no further than the Noosa Round Dining Table with Imitation Marble Stone Base to make a big statement. The geometric gold metal base is like a piece of artwork, and the glass top is a very reliable surface. Pair it with a set of 4 Philippe Starck Replica Louis Ghost Dining Armchairs for an elegant dining room set.

The Rustic Dining Set

Reclaimed wood holds many stories untold. What we know for sure is that it is sturdy, stands the test of time, and warm. The Condor Reclaimed Elm Wood Dining Table is a unique piece with an untreated metal base and a natural reclaimed elm tabletop.

The Minimalist Dining Set

Clean lines, no frills, minimal accents. Minimalist dining furniture can be adorned with decor to coordinate it with the room and existing furniture. It can be left as-is to make a stark and bold statement. Minimal design typically features high-quality materials that have been designed in a simple way. Create the perfect inviting minimalist dining set with the Grange Victorian Ash Timber Dining Table and a set of Eames Replica DSW chairs.

The Replica Dining Set

Replica furniture is making a large wave in the design field lately. Styles that were popular in the mid-20th century are once again mainstream. Ray & Charles Eames have the perfect design inventory that can be seen replicated in many places today. The Eames Replica DSW Side Dining Chair is a prime example. It is a versatile piece that works well in sitting areas, offices, and, of course, dining rooms. Pair the DSW replica with your current dining table or with another replica piece like the Saarinen Replica Tulip Marble Dining Table for a fresh look.

The Plush Chair Dining Set

If comfort is your main concern, dining chairs with plush seating and luxurious fabrics are what you need for your dining space. A comfortable chair can change your entire dining experience. It's sure to make you want to use your dining room for more than just eating. Comfy dining chairs are great when your dining table also serves as an office, a place to do homework, and a general gathering area. If this describes you, the Lotus Upholstered Dining Chair is exactly what you need. The thick cushion and soft poly-velvet material will comfort all who seek a seat at your table.

The Classic & Effortless Dining Set

This dining set matches everything. Choosing it is easy, and you won’t feel like you went wrong with it. It is perfect for casual dinners with your family, intimate dinners with your partner, and extravagant dinners where you host your professional colleagues.

The Traditional Dining Chair Set

Traditional style furniture never goes out of style. No matter what the architecture of your home looks like, you can’t go wrong when incorporating traditional decor. Ornate chairs such as the Juliette French Provincial Dining Chair make a regal statement. A set of these chairs surrounding a table are perfect for a formal dining room.

Which style works best for you? Will you choose a replica dining set or a timeless set like the Johansen Dining package? If you still need help deciding, view our online styling kit or visit us in store for a free design consultation. We’d love to help you with furnish your dining room and home in a style that best suits you and your family.