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How To | Choose and Style Your Bedside Table

When choosing a bedside table, there are several factors to consider:   Size: The size of the bedside table should be in proportion to the size of the bed and the room. Consider the height of the bedside table in relation to the height of the bed....

Styling Your Bedroom | Our Top 5 Tips

Maybe you’re decorating your first home, or maybe you just feel like your current bedroom needs a bit of a ‘refresh’. Updating your bedroom furniture or creating a new layout in your room is one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to give your house a new vibe, whether it’s as simple as...

How To | Setting up Your Working-From-Home Office

Joshua Narrow Console Table - Black + Set of 2 Alfie Dining Chair - Grey + Albany II Wall Art. With the rise in employers adopting a mobile work nature, creating your working from home station is a very important factor in keeping...

How To | Create Your Perfect Mood Board

Planning out the perfect space can be daunting – especially when the space is empty. Should I have a feature wall? What colour is currently trending? Timber flooring, polished concrete, or tile? And what’s up with velvet? So many questions! [Insert panic here].   Luckily we have the answer - two words, nine letters: mood board. This...

Now Trending | Your Colour Guide to A/W 2020

Feeling uninspired and bored with your decor? It’s time for a change this autumn and winter then. Colours this year are all about confidence, reflecting a bold and strong palette. Update your home with our guide to 2019’s A/W colour trend.

How To | 6 Tips to Make Your House Feel like Home

One of the most exciting parts of owning a house or moving into a new place is filling your space with decor that you love. Your sofa, bed, dining set, and small items hold special memories to show that a house is a home. No matter what style you’re going for, there are basic homeware

Interior Spotlight | Armchairs you’ll love

A top quality armchair can be the perfect accent piece for any room as well as an ideal way to expand seating within your home. It is the perfect staple for any library, living room, hallway or even bedroom. It can also be a furniture item that could potentially last you through generations. They are highly sought after for...

Interior Spotlight | Designer Daybeds

Many people can’t differentiate between the actual bed and daybed. Daybeds look similar to a bed but they are used for relaxing during the day time as the name suggests. Moreover, they are supposed to serve a dual purpose because they can also be used as a seating furniture. Therefore, they are often integrated in living areas, family rooms and...

How To | Preparing and Creating a Cosy and Comfortable Home for Winter

Winter is slowly creeping in; now’s the time to outfit your living space in the enveloping warmth of well-chosen décor. Here are a few easy ways to prep your home for the approaching winter: Furniture updates No, you don’t need to replace any of your furniture for instant comfort. What you should be doing is a makeover using textiles....

Style Focus | Decorate Your Home With French Provincial Furniture

Elegant, shapely, textured, detailed and boasting an old world charm, these are the characteristics of the beautiful French provincial look. Don’t mistake it for an overwhelming, heavily ornamental style. It is not. The genuine French style is all about refinement, eclecticism and harmony and used as a way to enhance your home decor can make your guests say...

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