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How To | Preparing and Creating a Cosy and Comfortable Home for Winter

Winter is slowly creeping in; now’s the time to outfit your living space in the enveloping warmth of well-chosen décor. Here are a few easy ways to prep your home for the approaching winter:

Furniture updates

No, you don’t need to replace any of your furniture for instant comfort. What you should be doing is a makeover using textiles. Cosy bedding and new duvets, additional pillows and a textured cable-knit throw are perfect ways to update your sleeping sanctuary, though if you’re feeling particularly motivated, you can try to replace your old headboard with a comfier, tufted version, while sofas and chairs can receive a new look simply through slipcovers or a rich velvet upholstery.

Inviting colours and patterns

Make your space look more secluded and intimate getting rid of the flashy summer accents and replacing them with calmer, deeper colours and more subdued prints that feel a lot more welcoming. Keep your style in focus, but turn it down a notch for a softer dimension, cosiness and understated elegance. Use textured throws and cushions for temporary décor changes that also make great snuggling partners.

Heavy drapes

Store away the breezy sheers and say hello to heavier, more opulent drapes that protect you from drafts and create a sense of visual warmth to your space. Let them pool slightly on the ground for added effect. Don’t limit yourself to hanging curtains near windows only. Drape them along canopy bed frames, or use them as space dividers for your reading nook.

Rustic elegance

No style lends a better sense of cosiness than rustic. Update your home décor with various wooden additions, as well as reclaimed and old world pieces for undone rustic charm.

Fluffy presence

Nothing is more irresistible in wintertime than furry skins layered on the floor, or draped over sofas and armchairs. The texture is fuzzy, inviting, luxurious and just screams “come enjoy”.

Table outfits

Leaning your elbows on a cold, stark table surface is no longer a good idea come winter. Dress them up in soft tablecloths or turn to runners as an easier alternative. Runners can also be easily improvised from light blankets, scarves or old pieces of textile sitting around.

New rugs

Put a cosy barrier between bare soles and icy flooring using plush area rugs in all places that endure a lot of foot traffic. You can also layer them up for a textured look and added softness.

Let nature brighten your space

The atmosphere in your home will suddenly feel more airy, welcoming and luminous adding greenery – which, let’s face it – looks gorgeous in contrast with a contemporary den. Plants reflect light and make for a refreshing touch, and even something as tiny as a terrarium can make a difference.

Warming golden accents

They may not feel soft and fuzzy to the touch, but they can surely warm up a space . Use frames, statues, vases etc in lovely golden hues to turn moody spots into uplifting décor.

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