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How To | Beautiful & Elegant Bedroom Decorating Ideas

That one spot in your home more immune to interior design trends unlike any other, the one that should ultimately, undoubtedly reflect your personal style is the bedroom. That doesn’t mean your sanctuary of choice should fall off the fashion radar. You can easily achieve an elegant bedroom look to woo all those who glance at an open bedroom door to take a peek into your own little haven. Shake away your decorating anxieties using a few tricks and tweaks that will have as much impact on your bedroom decor as furniture would.

Change the headboard

One of the easiest ways to add elegance to your bedroom is to change the aesthetic of the bed. How? Through bedding? Yes, you should definitely give that idea a go along with an inspired choice of headboard. For some, it is a better option than replacing the bed frame. A gorgeous metal frame with curved accents adds elegance and femininity, but it’s not as cosy as a luxurious tufted leather headboard. Looking for a cheaper alternative? Dress up an existing headboard in luxurious fabrics like velvet. Quality materials in jewel tones are the epitome of elegance!

Dramatic wallpaper

We’ve been raving about the rising popularity of wallpaper. Still can’t shake off the image of ill-chosen, vintage floral wallpapers? Contemporise your space with a coloured wallpaper in a rich hue like purple or teal featuring a metallic paint design. Balance the glamour with neutral accessories and make sure you have some fresh flowers “rooted” on the bedside table.

Black & white wall art

Light, blank walls do not translate into urban elegance. Add a large-scale photographic print and your bedroom will look as if it’d been carved out of a magazine.

Hardwood flooring

Consider turning your flooring into statement-making bedroom décor. Let your dark coloured hardwood floors steal the spotlight by using light-toned, neutral accessories and soft, warm lighting. Simple and oh-so-elegant!

Low profiles

There is something undeniably classy about low-line contemporary furniture with sharp edges. A black and white bedroom furnished in that manner is sleek and refined and the best way to add interest to such a space is by using a few pops of bold colour. How about art frames and cushions in bright red?

Metallic and mirrored fixtures

Metallic décor accents in golden and copper hues are all the rage right now. Don’t neglect matte silver either. They look beautiful against a bedroom palette featuring jewel tones. Bed frames, chandeliers and antique furniture with reflective surfaces add a stylish, dramatic flair to any bedroom. You don’t have to commit to a vintage style to achieve that. Simple add a metallic or mirrored piece or two for an eclectic and exclusive vibe.

Marsala Colours

Neutrals too bleak? Jewel tones too bold? Rely on Pantone’s colour of the year to inject elegant colour into your bedroom. You don’t have to paint your walls in that sumptuous colour either. Accessorise a bedroom using drapes, bedding and cushions in Marsala tones and you won’t feel as if you’ve made a permanent change in your bedroom décor.