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Interior Spotlight | Armchairs you’ll love

A top quality armchair can be the perfect accent piece for any room as well as an ideal way to expand seating within your home. It is the perfect staple for any library, living room, hallway or even bedroom. It can also be a furniture item that could potentially last you through generations. They are highly sought after for antique pieces and in many cases you may run into situations where you could potentially inherit these pieces of furniture. By investing in high-quality armchairs for your home early on, you could potentially get a furniture piece that is timeless and able to be passed down to your children or potentially even your grandchildren.

Here are some of the top modern armchair designs that we have available for suitable placement in any room:

Helgrim Fabric Armchair: Helgrim fabric armchairs come in several different colours including charcoal gray and the look of this armchair is somewhat of a retro style with modern materials. The 100% polyester upholstery is designed for the longest possible lifespan and the high density foam underneath is designed to keep its firmness over many years. Inspired by some mid-century designs this extremely resilient and very comfortable armchair is definitely a furniture item that could match well in any type of décor. Legs are sculpted out of a solid oak construction and the frame is definitely designed for durability. With these types of heavy materials included in the construction, this is definitely an occasional chair in Australia that you could think about passing down to another family member. Removable cushion covers on the product also makes it easy to wash the cushions or change the style regularly.

Round Dining Armchair: A dining armchair like this one is the perfect staple for any type of dining room as a head table chair or as a set of matching dining chairs. You could also consider these round dining chairs as the perfect accessory for your office, lounge or for an accent chair. The natural ash and timber frame is definitely built to last and the faux leather pad gives these a touch of class. Not only is the pillow with leather very easy to clean after mealtimes, but the floor protectors on the legs also make sure to keep your floor scratch free if the chair is getting pulled out often. This is a very comfortable chair for an accent piece or for a dining room chair. Inspired by Danish design and with a very neutral colour scheme, this is an armchair that would fit into any type of décor.

Bentley Fabric Armchair: The Bentley Fabric Armchair is designed to offer a solid frame made of beech-wood. The extremely high quality material also comes with a gray fabric which is very neutral for many types of décor. The seating is very thick and perfect for a vintage look while bringing in contemporary design elements. This is truly a classic upholstered chair that would look perfect in any type of reading nook, hallway or even as an additional accent chair for your living room. The tones on this chair are kept extremely neutral and the construction of the frame is meant to be as strong as possible. Whether you’re interested in getting a unique accent chair that could last you for many years or a tried and trusted comfortable armchair for your living room, this could be an excellent addition to your home or office.

Seychelles outdoor dining chair: A great outdoor armchair in Australia could be the perfect addition that you need for your outdoor dining room or even just for casual entertaining outside. A permanent and strong outdoor dining chair could be an ideal way that you can have a versatile outdoor space for entertaining. This modern design is produced using PVC and PE rope as well as a strong aluminium frame that makes this a durable and easy to clean armchair for any type of outdoor setting. These jurors come in several different colours and they are stackable, trendy and UV stabilised. These jurors would look great for indoor or outdoor use and with their space-saving design and lightweight but strong construction they have great value!