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Now Trending | Your Colour Guide to A/W 2020

Feeling uninspired and bored with your decor? It’s time for a change this autumn and winter then. It’s also a great time to get over your colourphobia (be honest, we all went through a light neutral minimalist phase). Colours for autumn and winter this year are all about confidence, reflecting a bold and strong palette. It’s an expressive approach to showcase the unique aspects of your identity! Visceral hues coupled with core colours will help brighten your home with stimulating and striking shades to get you through those gloomy grey days. Stumped on where to start? No worries. Here’s your guide to 2019’s A/W colour trend.


Saturated Shades

The refined retro look is the eclectic answer to anyone wanting to update their mid-century style (or for those who are over the aesthetic). Creating personality in your space is important and shouldn’t be limited to uninspiring colours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with saturated shades to add depth in your decor.


Troy Velvet Armchair - Dark Turquoise | Haven Peacock Velvet Queen Bedhead | Amanda Sofa Bed - Blush Mellow

Gerry Fabric Daybed with Mattress - Ruby | Chayton Dining Chair - Orange | Gemma Throw - Spicy Mustard / Grey

From velvet to cosier fabrics, these timeless and bright colours allow you to play with textures and layers. Try injecting rust reds and retro oranges for a vibrant and optimistic vibe. Yellow is well-known as a memory and mood booster, while indigo and Prussian blue bring sophistication and timelessness to your home.

If that sounds like too much colour for your tastes, don’t stress. You’re still allowed to use your favourite neutrals! Contrast the bold accents with calm muted tones for an energising effect in your space.


Natural Neutrals

Neutral shades no longer mean your monochrome grey scale. In fact, the shift towards pared back designs and styles means a change to the term ‘neutrals’. Earthy tones like beige, warm greys and dusky olive have been finding their way into our homes for some time now. Tonal greens are known as a colour of balance and have a restorative quality that will bring comfort to your home. It evokes the outdoors and the revitalising energy nature has on our outlook.


Pair these natural shades with taupe to create a space for relaxation and revitalisation. For a more grounded feeling, incorporate pale browns and deep greens into your decor.


Earthen Reds

In 2016, millennial pink and rose quartz was everywhere and was a strong favourite with nearly everyone – especially when styled with rose gold or copper. However, these pastel shades have long since lost their popularity. In its place, terracotta and dusty pinks have made a more subtle impact in our homes. They’re also great base colours to build your autumnal palette on!

Delta Summer Wall Art Print

Terracotta is a bold choice, whether in its muted or saturated intensity, but is an incredibly earthy colour that stays warm all year long. Introduce the colour through small decor pieces, like vases or artwork, to ease your exploration into a more colourful home.

Objekt 25cm Segment Mirror - Powder | Pippa Fabric Armchair - Dusty RoseConcrete Sky Wall Art Print

For a more demure choice, dusty pinks and blushes are the new pastel pinks of the year. These timeless shades are versatile, complementing or contrasting with other colours. Warm and rosy, dustier and muted tones bring a much-needed calming ambience to the space.


Metallic Accents

It’s questionable to say that metallic isn’t a colour, but the growing demand for core and coloured metallic shades say otherwise. The finish, material, and shine make for a lustre experience ranging from old-world elegance to futuristic simplicity.

Melvin 1m Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table

Brilliant and luminous, metallic textures also include iridescence, pearlescent, and holographic effects to create an entrancing display of colour. But don’t think of high-sheen and chrome finishes. No, we’re talking about the brushed and matte finishes for a more liveable take on the metallic trend. Paired with neutrals or natural textures, like timber, it will add a glow to your decor while adding a contemporary touch to your home.


Colour plays a very big part in your home, dictating and transforming the energy of your entire interior. It reflects your unique individuality and tells the world that this is you. Don’t be afraid – be colour confident.