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Interior Spotlight | Designer Daybeds

Many people can’t differentiate between the actual bed and daybed. Daybeds look similar to a bed but they are used for relaxing during the day time as the name suggests. Moreover, they are supposed to serve a dual purpose because they can also be used as a seating furniture. Therefore, they are often integrated in living areas, family rooms and bedrooms.

On the other hand, people further confuse a daybed with a futon. Contrary to popular belief, a daybed can’t be transformed from a bed to a sofa and vice versa. Daybeds are also more stylish than a traditional futon since they feature accessories like covers, throw pillows, comforters and skirts. A traditional daybed comes with a back and two arms; mostly resembling a basic sofa.

Types of Daybeds
There are four basic types of daybeds which have described below:

Standard Daybed
A standard daybed can have further styles for you to choose from. They often come with trundles which are additional storage spaces for keeping extra mattresses underneath the daybed.  A distinct feature of the standard daybed is that while it can’t be transformed from a couch to a sleeper, they can be highly adaptive. They usually look like sofas but can be used as an additional sleeping space. Therefore, you can use them for both seating and napping purposes.

Canopy Daybed
A canopy daybed is highly distinct in their appearance. They have fours posts at four corners. They make the perfect choice to be added in children or teen rooms.

Chaise Daybed
A chaise daybed is multipurpose. You can use it to sit, relax and read or have a good might sleep. This type of daybed also comes with more types to choose from. Most of the chaise daybeds come in contemporary designs.

Sleigh Daybed
This type of daybed is the exact opposite of the chaise daybed. Where the chaise design used more modern features, the sleigh daybed is far more traditional. By traditional, it means that the design resembles the ones found in Victorian Era featuring classic lines and decorative accents.

Exclusive Daybed Designs

Simple Elegance
As mentioned earlier, daybeds are very adaptable because they can be easily integrated into any interior whether it is your office, living room or bedroom. This Barcelona Leather Bench is perfect for using in a private or home office. However, it will also look good in a room with minimalist design. Try Mies van der Rohe Replica for a change of colour.

Additional Comfort
The Barcelona Daybed is similar to the designs mentioned previously but a bit more sleeker and comes with the extra comfort of an arm rest on one side. This arm rest can also be used to rest your head against if you plan to take a nap. If you love black better, you should choose Mies van der Rohe Replica – Premium – Black.

The Chaise Edition
As mentioned earlier, the chaise daybed is more contemporary in its design. The contemporary factor can’t only be seen in its style but in the way it has been structured as well. This particular daybed gives your body better support. Your back and head will be positioned in a healthy alignment so that the body will feel more relaxed. Lounging in this daybed, you are bound to feel stress free. You can easily stretch your body to get the kinks out after an entire day of hard or enjoy a good long book while having a drink of your choice. Try the Chaise Lounge Chair if you are looking for something elegant but at a lower price and this Le Corbusier LC4 Replica – Premium – Black if you have a little more money to spare.

Interior Secrets daybed designs have something for everyone. People can have different choices when it comes to choosing the best daybed for their home or office. Some like more style while others prefer comfort over that. At Interior Secrets, you will find what you are looking for at market competitive prices.

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