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Interior Spotlight | Amazing Furniture Made From Recycled Timber

Recycled or reclaimed timber is discarded material given a new purpose. Transforming old timber into new pieces of furniture is all the rage nowadays. Making an impact on forest preservation is also an important trend considering the alarming rate of deforestation occurring these past years and the rising costs of lumber. Using different materials for furniture making may be a solution, but since most of us can’t imagine having a home stripped completely of wooden pieces, we can’t think of a better way of protecting the environment and enjoying the timber look at the same time, than using recycled wood as main resource for amazing furniture in the making.

Advantages of utilising re-purposed timber

  • Environmentally friendly
  • It is customisable, offering endless possibilities to create the type of furniture you desire
  • No other material can give your living space a rustic or industrial charm than reclaimed timber
  • It is stronger, harder and more durable than freshly cut timber
  • It boasts a sense of history and a patina that other timbers lack, showcasing unique marks of ageing and previous use, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
  • Adapts well to a large variety of settings, from rustic and industrial, to vintage inspired, coastal, farmhouse and even contemporary.

Ways to integrate recycled timber into your living space

As we mentioned before, salvaged wood can be incorporated into many different pieces of furniture, partaking in creating different styles boasting old world charm or modern appeal. Even if you’re not particularly drawn to the cottage look, reclaimed timber can be utilised to create characterful furniture worthy of any contemporary urban den.

Recycled wood may be trendy in structural elements like doors, wall treatments, beams or flooring, and it’s just as hot when used as primary material in furniture making, from small applications like mirror frames to large pieces like dining tables, desks or buffets, lending your space a warmth and character.

Salvaged wood from old doors can be re-purposed into tables, wine racks into mountable shelves, fence parts into headboards, crates into side tables or fashionable cart-style coffee tables, scraps into mirror frames and other decorative accents.

If you like the old world look or coveting an industrial-styled loft, why purchase new furniture pieces and pay the additional expenses of distressing, when you can acquire a little piece of history you can enjoy right away? And just by using one or two pieces crafted from reclaimed timber you can master the look without committing your entire living space to it.