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Style Focus | Choosing a Stylish Theme for Your Home

Themed rooms exude style, sophistication and leave a lasting impression in a person’s mind. One key factor that determines what the theme in a room will be is the furniture. While most people think that a room’s decorations and accessories control the theme, this is not the case. A room’s theme can be transformed instantly just by changing the furniture. For example, you can completely transform a room by replacing a glass table with an antique table. If you want to create a contemporary, Danish, or French provincial theme in your home, here are some ideas. 

Contemporary Theme

 A contemporary theme comprises of a clean-looking environment. This theme focuses on straight lines and simple details. While many homes with contemporary themes use white colour, you can incorporate other solid shades. Put up one or two large artwork pieces to contrast with the light background. Since most of the room will be low-key, you can choose something large and bold to dominate the wall. Vibrant and opposing colours are essential for creating a contemporary look. Spice up your furniture and create a bold look by choosing contrasting colours. For example, pair up a teal sofa with orange pillows. 

French Provincial Theme

This theme was popularly used in French Provinces in the 17th and 18th century. It is a relaxing and welcoming theme that gives a house a “lived in” feeling. A French Provincial theme is comprised of ornate carvings, curved lines and weathered wood. French Provincial couches , modular sofas and armoires are quintessential elements in a French Provincial theme. A white gilded or distressed armoire placed opposite a French Provincial sofa creates a strong focal point in a room. Choose an armoire with ornately carved details, old-fashioned crystal knobs, and subtle curves to amplify a room’s vintage look. 

Danish Theme

This Scandinavian style is made up of natural materials and colours. A Danish theme consists of a sleek, clean, and minimalist design. When choosing furniture for a Danish theme, choose pieces made from rosewood and teak. For living room furniture, choose low coffee tables made with teakwood and glass. Place a credenza in the living room for extra storage and to create a focal point for the home theatre equipment and the TV. Other key furniture pieces in a Danish themed living room include futons, armless chairs and designer sofas in bold natural colours or neutral shades.

There are numerous themes that can make a room stylish and sophisticated, but the furniture you use will determine the specific theme and era.