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Trend Alert | Furniture Must Have’s That Can Be Overlooked!

Purchasing new furniture involves some serious planning and while some are so imperative they are never ignored, others are sometimes overlooked, and when their importance is finally noted, the lack of space available condemns you to making improvisations which are not as comfortable and stylish as the actual pieces. So what do many homeowners forget about? Here’s a quick review of the furniture items some wish they bought from stage one:

Hallway Benches

One of the most overlooked areas in one’s home is the entryway. A functional hallway requires a bench, a place where you can sit down and put on (or take off) your shoes, and if it features a storage compartment, even better, as some items have a negative impact on décor and aesthetics and not everything can be placed on a hanger. And you wouldn’t want your guests to start wobbling in the entryway trying to respect your ‘no shoes in the living room’ policy, would you?

Console Tables

Speaking of entryways, another often overlooked furniture item destined for this area in your home is the console table, the one you can use to elevate your décor and to store occasional items such as keys which are amongst the things most often misplaced or lost. And with so many styles and sizes available, there are plenty of consoles you can choose to fit in the layout of your corridor, no matter how narrow it is.


Imagine the following scenario: you’re preparing a dinner gathering and you find yourself trying to remember where you put your tableware. When you finally find it, you start making trips from the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa over and over again until the table is finally set. You look at the time and your guests should be arriving any time now…setting the table would’ve been so much easier with a roomy buffet in which to store dishware, cutlery, tableware and everything you need to keep the contents of your kitchen cabinets from flooding over.

Side Tables

There’s only so much your coffee table can hold without looking like a cluttered mess. Decorative vases, photo frames, candles, lighting fixtures, magazines and so many other things can be easily placed on a side table to keep next to your favourite lounging spot. Everyone likes to decorate and everyone likes to reach items with ease without needing to get up and away from a cosy sofa. That’s where the side table comes in.

Chests of Drawers

One of the main furniture elements inside a bedroom is the armoire. People like spacious wardrobes in which they can fit in all their clothing items. But no matter how roomy your armoire is, there are still items that don’t fit in it and they end up cluttering chairs, vanities or the bathroom cabinet. A chest of drawers solves that problem easily, boasting enough storage room to hold additional clothing items, lingerie, cosmetics and the best thing about it is that it drawers can be easily compartmented to help you organize smaller items like ties, scarves, hats or jewellery.