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How to | Styling the Perfect Oak Buffet and Side Table

Have you bought a new oak buffet, but it’s just sitting there and you don’t know what to do with it except fill it with dishes and tableware? Your oak side table looks bland and even the wall looks more attractive than it? It’s a styling challenge, that’s for sure! Bringing everything together may seem a little daunting, but by following these steps, you’ll give these pieces extra flair in no time!

Creative ideas for styling your oak buffet

It’s all about sizing and height
Candles alone can be boring. A single tray can be boring. But candles paired with a tray paired with picture frames can make for an interesting combination. The key to styling an oak buffet is creating a layout consisting of items of different sizes and heights. Books, statuettes, bowls, vases and other decorative items can be mixed and matched to suit a theme/décor.

Large furniture items such as buffets and sideboards allow symmetry play. And who doesn’t like ambiance lighting? So flank each end of your oak buffet with an attractive set of lamps.

Add a centre piece
Take advantage of wall art to add interest to your oak buffet and connect everything together. It doesn’t even have to be mounted. You can simply use your furniture as support for a painting or a framed print. This will add height to the central area of your buffet top, not to mention make things easier for further decorating.

Emphasize the organic
To accentuate the organic appeal of your oak buffet, use pieces made of natural fibres and other organic materials for a cohesive aesthetic. A small wooden chest, bamboo plate, a basket filled with fruits or a sculpted coconut holding small items will add texture to your layout. Choose shades of the same family color that contrast against the tones of your oak buffet.

Create dimension
Grandma’s crochets won’t cut it, but an elegant runner will. You can even layer two different runners for added dimension and sophistication.

Add some greenery
No picture is complete without the vibrant touch of plants, whether we’re talking about a vase full of flowers, potted plants or succulents.

How to achieve the perfect oak side table decor

The trifecta of table lamps, flowers and photo frames might reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enrich your décor with different items from time to time. The best thing about small décor pieces is that they can be swapped to reflect the changes in season. And the proximity to the sofa should not bury your side table in midnight snack leftovers or unsightly clutter either.

Statement lighting
Just because your home incorporates different lighting does not mean you should use an ordinary table lamp that fades in the background. Add some extra flair with an eye-catching light fixture combined with other eclectic objects like amazing art and personal collectibles.

Element of surprise
Speaking of side table popular trifectas, why not be your own designer and create an original and unexpected combination? Raw crystals and corals are an excellent idea and to throw warmth into the mix, add some aromatic candles. Or perhaps a bowl of floating candles?

Embellished tray
Perfect to organize items on a small side table is a statement tray in opposite shape of your table top. So, if your side table has a circular top, use a rectangular tray and vice-versa. It’s also the perfect look for minimalists.

Glass jars
Emphasize precious trinkets or an array of colourful candies using a bell jar cloche. Simple and sophisticated.

Metallic accents
Stay true to the metallic trend without letting it overpower your décor by combining items of complementing metal hues. Small figurines, metallic frames and a spectacular jewelry box will add pizzaz and glamour, lifting your décor with ease and sparkle.

Colourful touches
Make a bold choice by choosing colours that contrast with your walls or sofa. However, make sure the items you choose to style your side table with come in coordinated tones.

Alternate heights
It’s easy to create a balanced and effective layout by using items of different heights. Interesting sculptures, vases and candlesticks will add height, while lower items like trays and small bowls draw the eye back to the centre of the action.

Green inspiration
Replacing flowers can be daunting, so skip short-lived decorations and use succulents and terrariums instead!