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How to | Finding the Best Coffee Table

A coffee table can really be a focal point in the middle of your living room. If you are truly interested in getting the best coffee table that will complement your décor as well as the space that you have, it’s important to pick one that is extremely well-built and suited to your needs. We have a massive selection of coffee tables available which comes in many different styles. With tables that range from glass to wood and even steel, here are some of the most popular offerings from Interior Secrets:

Robin Marble Coffee table: Marble style tops are a common design featuring many homes because Marvel is synonymous with luxury and quality. This coffee table would be an excellent addition to any home with a white decor or potentially a focal point in a darker decor scheme. The legs offer an incredible symmetry and the steel white frame is extremely strong giving this table an amazing amount of strength and quality. With the minimalist style design, the table top is functional and the shape of the table is excellent for many types of spaces. Regardless of your space, if you are looking for a coffee table that can truly stand out and last you over many years, this could be a great investment for your home.

Cedrick 90 CM reclaimed coffee table: reclaimed wood is becoming a very popular design trend and the rough look of a reclaimed wood coffee table would suit any type of rustic décor touch as well as offer a table that will last over many years. With a three-legged design for minimalist styling with optimal structural support, this hexagon will table gives you a contemporary look for your home as well as a beautiful geometric aesthetic. The natural wooden construction on this beautiful table is simple yet extremely functional for any type of decor theme. The reclaimed wood is lately finished but also perfect for refinishing if you would like a darker look. The protective lacquer finish has a very neutral décor theme making it the perfect option for almost any type of décor. This is a very strong yet practical coffee table that will definitely enhance any space beautifully.

Luna 90 cm round coffee table: This extremely unique and sleek coffee table is quite a casual look that would be perfect for any type of contemporary space. The black silhouette style metal frame comes in several colors and the top comes in several different finishes to suit the look of your décor needs. The natural and black offer a stark contrast from one another and this table can truly make a statement with its beautiful pattern top which goes in three directions to match the symmetrical legs. With a very natural yet extremely modern look, this could be an ideal coffee table made to suit apartment style spaces, lofts or modern industrial living rooms. The best part about this table is that it doesn’t require any type of assembly and the natural wooden top has been designed for extreme durability. With a strong wooden top as well as a very durable metal base, this is a great investment piece that can also improve the look of your home considerably.

Floyd reclaimed Elmwood coffee table: This beautiful wooden coffee table is made out of an environmentally friendly design with a unique rectangular silhouette style coffee table look. This rectangular coffee table is built out of Elmwood for a completely unique design scheme. This is Scandinavian inspired design at its finest and a coffee table that would look perfect in any type of space. Whether you are interested in getting a stylish accent table or a versatile coffee table that is built from some of the strongest wood materials, this recycled timber table could be just the perfect item for you. With a number of imperfections and unique markings, every piece is completely different and this stylish piece of furniture has been created using recycled materials which are also built to last for generations. The Floyd Reclaimed Elmwood table is the perfect coffee table for its untreated look and it’s incredible sturdiness.