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Interior Spotlight | Office Desks for Every Interior

Your productivity levels are highly dependent on the space in which you work. Desks play a notably crucial role in providing this, with size, comfort and functionality as the primary factors to consider when desk hunting.

Whether you’re looking to add a new workspace in your home, or wanting to refurbish an old study room, here are a few desk ideas we’ve collaborated to help you in finding the one that suits your needs.

Corner Desks

Designed for utilizing space, the aptly named corner desk is work friendly and can complement any type of interior, as long as you have one thing – a corner. The brilliant thing about this is that there’s quite literally room for it in every home.

Additionally, facing away from the room, they are a great idea for those buzzing minds that are easily distracted. Have this work in your favour by hanging a pin board above your desk and always have creative inspirations provided at hand in times of need.

You’ll come across an overwhelming amount of corner desks, which can be difficult when it comes to choosing! Keeping in mind its location, find the colour that best suits the palette of your walls. Above shelving are also great ideas to store files of work, books etc.

Executive Desks

Arguably the single, staple piece of your office, executive desks are perfect vessels through which you can showcase status and style that can also aid your levels of productivity.

Functionality first: What would a work desk be without those towering piles of paperwork and various clutters? Don’t worry; these are common and extremely easy to combat. Opt for a desk with large drawers, shelving or cupboard storage. Most executive desks also come with ample leg room underneath, where you can place a small file cabinet or a bin.

Luxurious interiors such as offices with glass windows or homes with high ceilings complement the inherent class that executive desks radiate. Dark brown timber desks look great in country style interiors; while white smooth finishes complement contemporary homes.

Home Desks

Spare rooms and study nooks can be converted into the ultimate work zone with the addition of the perfect desk.

Before selection, always keep in mind the amount of space you’d need. A small, thin and minimal laptop table would fit beside your bed or sofa.

For a study room in a family home, a desk with a larger width would be worthwhile if you’re considering the placement of a desktop computer; also ensuring space for the printer, speakers and your cup of coffee.

Simplicity always goes a long way when it comes to home desks. A classic white desk makes for a great addition in any family home, while darker timbers look great in sophisticated interiors.