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How To | Small Spaces – How to Make the Most of Yours

City living often means high rent and restricted space –

but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise clutter for convenience.

With small apartments and studios popping up all over Melbourne,
we often have customers who need space saving solutions.

This week, we share some of our favourite tips for making
the most out of your limited space.


Firstly, rid yourself of unnecessary items and keep only what you can’t live without.
Haven’t read those books since highschool? Toss them.
Actually hate that vase from your birthday 5 years ago? Donate it.

Having lots of items in every empty space can make your space feel enclosed and cluttered,
making it feel even smaller than it really is.
Throw out anything you don’t need!

Then, conceal as much as you can in hidden away storage solutions.
Beds and coffee tables with draws as well as buffets are great for this. VERTICAL SPACE

If your apartment has limited floor space, and all your compartments are full,
think about utilising your vertical wall space and even your ceiling.

Vertical wall shelving is great for extra space for storing and displaying items,
and ceilings can be great for hanging pendants lights and even pots and pans in the kitchen.
Keep things off the floor to give the atmosphere more space!

Karl Storage Cubes


Be decisive and choose items that have more than one function, resulting in more space.
Stools that you can stack away or store things in are a great option, as are tables with extra storage compartments,
and tables that can extend for those occasions you need to seat more guests etc

Johansen Extendable Table


Mirrors create the effect of extended space, giving the illusion that your apartment is twice the size it actually is.
If you can afford it, huge floor to ceiling mirrors will throw light and enlarge your space tenfold.


White walls and natural light also create a look of openness and space.
White can seem a bit stark, so just bring in warmth through pops of colours and textures through accessories.

Lift everything off the floor – the more visible floor the bigger the space will feel.

Invest in large furniture items that don’t sit directly on the floor but are raised with exposed legs.
Items that aren’t completely solid, like wire chairs and side tables
are another way to keep the space light and airy.