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Trend Alert | Autumn 2015 Styling

Gone are the warm summer nights where we would spend most of our time outdoors.

Let the beautiful autumn colours of falling leaves be your inspiration in your home as you prepare for the colder winter days ahead.


This autumn the colour palette has changed in favour of dreamlike, soft colours that will simply delight the imagination.
Toss away the traditional options of oranges, browns and reds. Instead, embrace the velvet, richness of lilac, soft grey, and indigo.

These colours will allow you to appreciate the coolness of the season while enjoying the warmth and comfort
within your home when paired with organic, textured fabrics.

Above: White flooring made from distressed wood pairs with white walls offers neutral contrast with plenty of texture.
Finish with soft, organic throws and monochrome artwork for a muted effect.

“In 2015 the bright colours are less prominent for the colder months. Sure, the soft greys are still there, but they’re being teamed with blacks, whites, beiges and browns – with the occasional hint of coral, mint, grape and metallic tones (copper, bronze etc).
But always in small doses and in very pale shades”

Above: Furniture made from natural materials is paired with soft, neutral colours to create
a balanced look that embodies the essence of autumn 2015.


Textures for this autumn emphasise natural and distressed elements.
Furniture made from organic materials, such as bamboo, timber, wicker, and slate, pair well with rich fabrics.
These materials come in neutral colours and are often available as eco-friendly furniture options.

Above: Textured fabrics are in and the Ralph Lauren collection provides an excellent example of the array of organic fabrics that you can select from. Add country style to your home or use these fabrics to create a glamorous, yet cosy retreat.

Above: Richly-textured throws and pillows are used to accentuate the shape of this modern chair.
When combined with classic neutral colours, the cool nature provides plenty of contrast that is perfect for this autumn.

This autumn, throws, pillows and warm fabrics are must-have items for your home. The goal is to use them as statement pieces for your furniture. Organic fabrics in neutral colours are the go-to items to purchase if you are not yet sure what you should buy for your home.
Turn to chenille jacquard, wool, alpaca and cotton for inspiration.