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Trend Alert | Nordic Interior Styling at Home

Finding Simplicity in the Dark

Scandinavian style has made its mark over the years as a timeless and popular aesthetic. But there has been a revival of moody Scandi spaces. Creating a feeling of the woods, this natural update to the style uses black and grey to make a statement in the home.


The Nordic trend has been around for quite some time now but hasn’t been in the limelight like its more popular counterpart, Scandinavian style. But the recent spike in interest for the style reflects what is happening in Denmark’s design scene. It focuses on the relations between colours and natural, woven textures, surfaces and materials with minimal pattern. The style is reminiscent of the popular Scandinavian style, but Nordic is traditional, rustic, contemporary and modern all at once.


Moodier Colours

Create a welcoming and casual space that steers away from more formal styled homes by using muted and subdued colours. Draw your inspiration from foggy forests and muted colours, like inky blues and greens, charcoal and steel. These moodier hues look great paired together with lighter and softer colours like driftwood, alabaster, or stone.


Sharon Coffee Table | Elaine Sofa | Palm Resort Wall Art.


Rustic Decor

Drawing inspiration from nature is a vital aspect of the style. So, for decor find simple rustic pieces to create that cosy atmosphere. Jute rugs, macramé cushions or linen add great texture without stealing all the attention away from your hero pieces. Opt for recycled or reclaimed wood to add a refined rustic element to your decor.


Sasha Sofa | Mountain Edge Wall Art | Barry Console Table.


Clean Lines

Perfectly in tune with the Scandinavian sensibility, simple and functional furniture pieces with clean lines will let your decor and colours speak for themselves. Opt for more practical designs that focus on simplicity and function first before style.


 Cozy Dining Chair | Maxwell Dining Table.


Nordic isn’t just ‘Scandi but darker’, although the two related styles share many similarities. With a heavier focus on reflecting nature, Nordic style embraces the simple comforts of home.