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Interior Spotlight | Side Tables to Compliment Your Interiors

Our home is filled with l coffee table, entertainment unit, side tables and more. Side tables, regardless of their name, may sometimes be forgotten in the corner. Many home owners tend to dismiss side tables when it comes to complimenting the interiors. Nowadays, side tables can be just as pretty as your coffee table in the middle of your living room. Here are some ideas for inspiring side tables that truly compliment any interior.

Add some layers

A side table also needs layering. It can even highlight a room when it’s filled with all types of items, from short to tall. You can also add a lamp in order to create a certain mood in the room. A big lamp may take up all of the space on your table, but it also creates art!

Pay attention to the size

When choosing a side table that compliments a room, it is important to keep it small but functional. A table that’s too small may not function properly whilst a bigger size can take up too much space. Keep in mind that when picking a side table, you should make sure it has a surface width of at least 18 inch. It can hold things like books or a vase without worrying they may accidentally fall down.

Small and eye catching

Just because the table is small and on the side doesn’t mean it has to be out of sight. You can choose shocking colors from copper to gold that have an elegant feel. This side table is an attention grabber.

Functional bedside table

A stylish way to arrange your bedroom is to add a bedside table that also gives you a convenient place to charge your devices and store your books and snacks! Pick a dominant hue from your room and use it as a guide when choosing a bedside table.

The bar cart

When the room is already packed with furniture and décor, you can creatively turn your side table into a bar cart. Let your guests choose their drink and make them feel at home with the self-service.