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Posts tagged: floor-screens

How To | Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Living Space

It’s December and we’ve hit the Summer Season. We’re getting the vibe that December and January are going to heat up and we’re not complaining. However there’s nothing like being stuck inside when it’s just too hot to be out in that Aussie Sun. So we’ve come up with a few ways to ensure your living space is...

How To | Create a Productive Office with 4 Quick Tips

Having a productive workspace is important for anyone working from home, studying, or for the professional office. Re-energise your office with these 4 quick tips.

Interior Spotlight | Why Hall Tables Are Important and Not to Forget About Them

The entryway is the first area your guests lay eyes on, so why not make it into a space worthy of a positive impression? Have a cluttered, overlooked foyer ‘welcoming’ you home and you’ll end up throwing your shoes onto the pile and speeding towards the living room to rest in your favorite armchair. But that’s not the most...

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