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How To | Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Living Space

It’s December and we’ve hit the Summer Season. We’re getting the vibe that December and January are going to heat up and we’re not complaining. However there’s nothing like being stuck inside when it’s just too hot to be out in that Aussie Sun. So we’ve come up with a few ways to ensure your living space is styled, comfortable and ready for those 40 degree days and the entertaining that comes with it! From colour selection to the layout of furniture pieces, we’ve answered a few of your questions to ensure you have the perfect space for Summer. 


What colours should I incorporate into my living room?

Make your living room Summer ready with natural elements and neutral tones. It’s all about connecting to the natural world especially coming into the warmer weather. A light beige rug will add warmth and light-coloured fabrics will enhance the brightness of the space. Keep things light and opt away from heavy, bold patterns. 


 Hunter Marble Coffee Table - Natural | Brannon Tripod Table Lamp - White Shade.


Your lounge space should be soothing and exude relaxation so style with mindfulness and well-being in mind. If you’re not sure where to start, look for pieces made from natural materials such as rattan and timber. Injecting natural textures into your home and opting for pieces made from natural fibres or materials not only adds character to the space but is also a more environmentally conscious option. 
Canova Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table | Hugo Scandinavian TV Unit - Natural | Hegan Console Table - Natural.


If you’re not looking at completely revamping your space but rather adding accents to lighten your lounge room for Summer, opt for grey hues that are offset by lighter toned decor or furniture pieces. This will be the perfect way to transition from Spring to Summer without re-styling your entire space. 


Nest Of Holloway Wooden Round Coffee Table - Natural | Alto Entertainment TV Unit Maren 3 Seater Fabric Sofa - Dark Grey


How should I layout my living space? 

When we think of styling a home for summer, the words light, natural and airy come to mind. So how do you layout your living room to create an open and airy feel that your space needs this season? Firstly consider the amount of space to leave between your coffee table and sofa.


Along The Coast Framed Wall Art Print Austin Armchair - Light Grey | Floyd Reclaimed Coffee Table


During the warmer seasons, it’s important to allow enough space so that there is breathing room in between your larger furniture items. This will help create the illusion of a more open space especially when you don’t have much additional room to work with. In Summer you’re also more likely to entertain or spend time with your family in communal areas. Your coffee table will then act as a centrepiece in the room and the perfect space for the family to gather around for a meal, conversation or a board game night! Generally speaking, placing your coffee table 45cm-50cm away from your sofa is the ideal distance. This allows for optimal movement around your living area, catering for high-traffic, space and legroom for those with extra height! 


What is the perfect set-up to entertain guests? 

Most often when you step into a living space, you’ll notice the furniture pieces are positioned to face the television screen. Naturally the TV then becomes the focal point in the space. Now we know everyone loves a Netflix couch session (including us!) or watching the Tennis and Cricket over this time of year but why not try changing it up by focusing your space on communication rather than what’s happening on your screen? How do you achieve this? Re-position your furniture so your lounge chairs and sofa face towards one another to encourage conversation between yourself, family or guests. If you choose to display the TV on your entertainment unit, position the unit slightly off-centre so your eyes aren’t constantly drawn towards the screen.


Alita Fabric Lounge Chair - Dark Grey | Dasha Light Grey Rug.


Try something different and mount your TV above your entertainment unit. This gives you the opportunity to decorate your TV unit - minus the TV with your favourite decor pieces. We love styling with colourful vases of varying shapes and sizes or a simple plant to add a natural touch. You could even try placing a stack of your most-loved books as an alternative to styling them on your coffee or side table.  Adding simple decor pieces will create a homely vibe, drawing your focus away from the TV and instead to pieces that reflect your character and personality. If you’re feeling really courageous or have two living spaces -  why not try replacing your TV with an art piece? We love styling our lower entertainment units with leaning wall art pieces or photographs that create a statement. 



Should I introduce plants into my space? 

Yes most definitely! If you’re a plant lover like us, Summer is a great time to introduce indoor plants into your living space. Just don’t forget to keep them hydrated especially as the weather gets warmer! If you don’t have much of a green thumb but still want greenery in your space, you can’t go past artificial plants. Some people think this is the cheats way out but we think it’s a great way to add colour to your space and if you purchase a good quality option, you or your guests won’t be able to tell the difference! 


Roxana Rocking Chair - Pink | Hunter Marble Coffee Table - Natural | Brannon Tripod Table Lamp - White Shade.


As for placement, purchase a beautiful pot and consider positioning your plants at different levels. From the floor to your coffee or console table placing your new plant friends at varying heights will create interest and fill your space with natural pops of colour. 


Summer has come and we’re here for it. Embrace this warmer season with neutral hues and pieces that will brighten your space and create your own personal Summer haven perfecting for entertaining.