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Style Focus | Autumn Furniture Looks

The modern home is constantly evolving, furniture concepts changing by the season. Autumn has arrived and there’s no time like the present to update your decor to reflect the change in weather. So what concepts will mark their presence into people’s homes in the autumn of 2016? Let’s find out!

Add some GREY dimension

Grey is the new beige. Trendsetters love it, interior bloggers love it and so do we. Everyone’s favourite neutral with its wide range of hues is the perfect way to add dimension to your aesthetic, illustrating the moody palette of autumnal weather and bringing attention to shapes and silhouettes. If making a permanent grey décor change seems like a sad option, create the look with a sleek grey sofa – you can always update it later with a cover, a dining table set crafted from reclaimed wood in greyish hues, fabrics, or a lovely pouf/foot stool crafted from cosy, textural wool.

Accents of colour

What better way to add warmth to your neutrals (the grey!) than through other colours? Infuse lively tones into your interior in small proportions. The shades you need to keep an eye on this autumn include reds and oranges – and do explore the whole range: rose, raspberry, crimson, oxblood, respectively apricot, pumpkin, burnt orange or bronze. You don’t need to do colour-blocking either, as the patterned theme works perfectly to infuse colour in small doses. And speaking of metallics, they make a great way of adding warmth into your interior and a sense of shine and sparkle to lift up the mood.

Scandi goodness

There’s nothing like some good old Nordic furniture to create a sense of serenity this autumn. Think sleek, functional pieces in muted tones, generous seating, natural materials and organic shapes and textures that invite you to sit, touch and visually admire in a peaceful, comfortable way.

Strokable comfort

The knitted material trend grew quite a lot, and is getting bolder now, with chunky textures replacing understated weaves. Adopt and adapt through cushions, throws, rugs or ottomans. Another way to achieve cosy comfort to indulge your visual and tactile senses with is by adding plush, luxurious textures in the form of strokable, snuggable materials like faux fur and hides. Update your furniture with warming cushions, blankets, throws and incorporate a sheepskin rug or a cow hide to take notice of the weather in a decadent way.


There’s a certain warmth to organic materials like rattan that no one can disagree with. A cosy rattan chair decorated with a furry throw interests the eye, not to mention how great they pop texture-wise against a neutral background.

Escapist inspiration

Longing to travel, explore or immerse yourself in nature? Not the fittest weather to travel, but you can immerse your space in some well-chosen pieces of escapist inspiration. Think vintage leather lounge chairs, suitcase and earth globes décor, a statement bookcase and other nature-inspired pieces adorned with insect or botanical motifs such as an oversized wall clock with a moody tree print.

Statement chairs

Autumn is one of those seasons that prompt to day dreaming, meditation or just lounging with a cup of tea and a good book. An essential element in this picture is a comfy, statement chair. Go with a timeless design, but with a twist – whether you’re opting for an interesting shape or a graphic backrest, this autumn, bold chairs are a must.

Roaring twenties

Does the 20s era evoke furniture with mirrored or metallic surfaces to you? Good, because this season you’re more than entitled to add a rich element to your décor, be it a bronze coffee table or a grey, mirrored nightstand to give your space a welcomed touch of luxury.


Not the moody kind? Then break the barriers of autumnal gloom with a few fun pieces: a quirky floor lamp for a touch of fun next to your contemporary sofa, an architectural side table or an occasional chair that commands attention through its twisted shape or saturated colour.