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Interior Spotlight | Bar Stools with Backrest - Dining On Your Terms


The scenario is all too familiar; you are having a group of people over for dinner for the first time. Maybe they are new friends, maybe work colleagues. You have prepared an elegant setting; aperitivo drinks and delicious hors-d'oeuvres at your Kitchen Island/ Bar Counter. It’s a place of gathering; you’re all going to have a drink or two, ice-breaking conversations and get familiar. After that, you will be moving to the formal dining room for dinner. Things are moving along just fine and your guests seem relaxed and comfortable. Happy and entertained, with their drinks and tasty bites, they are enjoying a casual bar atmosphere. Fast forward and they are too involved in conversations, laughing and chatting. You can’t find the right moment to tell them that it’s time to move over to the dining room. Finally, you break it out to them, and as you watch them get off of kitchen bar stools you sigh with relief. Long story short; instead of continuing with amusing conversations, the group of happy and chatty people from the kitchen bar got out of it in the dining room setting. As the evening was drawing to a close, it was evident that the great atmosphere from the kitchen has vanished. The dinner was a success; there’s no doubt about that, yet, you can't help the feeling that moving to a dining area interrupted the flow of the evening. You should have gone with the moment and serve the mains at the countertop. But, as every good host, you wanted to provide optimal comfort to your guests. You didn't think that your breakfast bar stools are a good seating solution for a 3-course meal dinner. Well, not unless they were a comfortable bar stool with backrest.

More Than a Breakfast Bar Stool

Bar stools with backrest merge the elements of a breakfast bar stool and a comfortable dining chair, turning your counter bar into an all-day dining zone while keeping its trendy and entertaining character.

Bar Stools with Backrest Dining On Your Terms


From Scandinavian to French Provincial, metal, rattan or leather bar stools, we have the most exceptional range of bar stools with backs. Each of our bar stools is handpicked from high-quality artisans based on its design characteristics and uncompromised comfort and durability.  

Scandinavian Style

Bar Stools with Backrest Dining On Your Terms

Harris Bar Stools delivers a timeless presence in versatile monochromatic tones enhanced with a stylish wooden base. A perfect fit for minimalist or Scandinavian kitchens, these high-quality chairs provide durability and comfort in all residential spaces, as well as in demanding commercial environments.  

Contemporary & Versatile

Bar Stools with Backrest Dining On Your TermsDarcy Bar Stool brings modern style and refined elegance to your home with its contemporary character and light-hearted presence. Darcy provides reliable comfort and support in all occasions, thanks to its ergonomic upholstered grey seat and sturdy frame.  

Modern Retro

Bar Stools with Backrest Dining On Your TermsYoki Bar Stool features clean, contemporary design, inspired by retro Scandinavian Style and defined by high functionality and quality. This unique chair in oak is built to last, and it will make a statement feature in your kitchen, bar, or patio. Simple lines, black upholstery and natural ash finishes create a modern signature that will surpass passing trends.  

Rustic Country

Bar Stools with Backrest Dining On Your Terms 

The Daintree Classic Bar Stool brings classic sophistication and the essence of vintage design to residential and commercial spaces of all styles. Cross-back backrest with practical footrest, provide comfort and ease, while antique nailhead details, add rustic charm to this timeless piece.

Bar Stools with Backrest Dining On Your Terms

Whether you are having a casual hangout or a long evening with a full-course meal, put your bar stools in use and rest assured they will provide a fine-dining experience right at your kitchen island or a bar area. Check out our bestsellers and order your bar stools with backs here.

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