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Style Focus | Best Ideas for Indoor House Plants

Indoor house plants contribute to giving your living space a certain feel. It’s the vibrant colour and vitality of plants that can easily change the aesthetic of a room, especially one whose décor either looks cold or whose colour scheme could really benefit from added contrast. Just give it a go! You’ll quickly discover that an indoor plant is the ideal solution for that empty corner which always stood out as an awkward space where no furniture piece or decorative accent could ever fill it. Afraid a living plant will end up withered beyond salvage? Use artificial!

Advantages of using artificial indoor house plants

Nowadays, everyone is decorating their environments with artificial plants. These weren’t exactly desirable in the past simply because they looked as what they were: fake. But have you seen how artificial plants really look like today? Life-like indoor house plants can give a special touch to your décor without any of the problems associated with using real greenery.

  • No unwelcomed insects will intrude into your home drawn by the plant itself or the content of the pot. No mouldy dirt either!
  • No spilling accidents when watering because there is no watering involved to begin with!
  • No maintenance required other than dusting done occasionally. No expenses, no worrying, less time spent on it.
  • You can store them when they’re not needed, giving you the opportunity to update your décor frequently and rotate the plants you have to achieve different looks or match different settings.
  • They do not cause allergies.
  • The cat won’t have any interest in chewing your plant off.

Ideas for decorating with indoor house plants

Can’t add personality to your walls through painting? A large piece of art can be the solution to your problem, but if you don’t want to spend a lot on it or prefer a different twist, use wall-mounted planters filled with succulents or other plants to accent your walls with ease.

If you’re not a fan of colour and you’re looking to jazz up your contemporary neutral aesthetic, what better way to do it than using artificial plants and their invigorating hues? You do like colour? Then you can add even more character to your space by using flowers and plants potted in vibrant pots and vases.

Sometimes it’s all about proportions. If you need something to balance out that low-line furniture, you can use a plant of statement-size to add height and drama to your living space. Wasted corners where not even a small end table looks right? Use artificial plants in clusters or one whose foliage is rich enough to draw attention.

Do consider decorating at a higher level, literally. When room size or setting does not allow green embellishments, consider hanging plants, placing potted plants on shelves or wall-mounted décor to add just the right amount of colour and warmth into your interior.

How to’s

The art of making artificial indoor house plants has modernized over the years and now faux plants have never looked better. That doesn’t mean the era of obvious plastic appearance is completely gone. To make sure you get life-like plants, check the material’s they’re made of and pick realistic versions that look and feel authentic. Some artificial plants may look pretty at first view, but inspected closely, they might reveal unattractive stems or those unsightly plastic sleeves.

An easy way to achieve an appealing look is to buy artificial cacti and succulents because their living counterparts do have the same plastic-like appearance.

Indoor house plants made of artificial materials may be close to zero, but that doesn’t mean they do not require some cleaning from time to time. Nothing betrays the nature of your plant décor faster than dust-covered leaves!