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Trend Alert | What Colours Are in This Summer for Your Interiors

Colour is essential in creating a stimulating environment. Colour is also subjective. Whether you’re drawn towards a serene, relaxing space or a sensory-rich experience full of patterns, textures and various hue intensity levels, one thing is certain: the new year came with an abundance of colour trends you can use to your advantage when redecorating your home this summer. Choosing a palette may not be the easiest thing to do for an indecisive person, but why stick to a restrained colour scheme when 2016 is a year so full of colour?

Mediterranean-inspired cool blue colour tones energised with green and orange

It’s fresh, it’s lively and best of all, cosy. They all look harmonious together and can really pack up a punch to invigorate your living or dining room.

Fondant cream, beige, light brown or blues

For an environment that melts away all the fuss, one soft decorating idea would be to blend coffee shades with creamy yellows, off-whites and browns that remind you of morning stimulants and desserts. Comfy, cozy, with a touch of rustic!

Blue and white colour palettes

Inspired by maritime environments, light & rich blue tones and white mixed with brown and grey tones embody coastal décor and hint towards distressed materials, driftwood and nautical accessory elements that will have you thinking of the salty area and soothing ocean.

Seductive purple pastels

For a classic look imbued in mystery and sensuality, pair lavender hues with neutral tones like white, beige, light grey and black, but for aristocratic savour, there is nothing like a pastel purple enriched with a luscious dark green and it’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Elegant and feminine light pink with added contrasts

And when we say contrasts, we’re referring to white, grey tones and black. Pastel pink in this combination is a definite winner for bedrooms and home offices this year. It’s fun, inspiring, soft and romantic without being excessively girly.

Eco style

Inspired by earthly elements, the following tones bring our modern interiors in close communion with nature and the green world we’re so anxious to reconnect with. Escape in a relaxing environment immersed in tones of green, brown, grey and black that remind of the tangible nature.

White and grey colour tones spruced up with metallic

Can’t resist the whirlpool of futuristic approaches? Metallic shades shine strong this year comprised in neutral environments displaying white, grey and timber tones. It’s a simplistic décor, yet boasts so much interest and contemporary flavour.

Warm metallic shades paired with spicy hues

It is a decadent mix of bronze and copper shades amped up by dark orange tones and lusty dark reds. Think terracotta, brick hues, Marsala in a luxe combination toned down by neutral beige tones. This is another approach to Mediterranean style for those who prefer a more stimulating space, particularly for their kitchen and dining spaces.