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How To | Organize Your Home with Dining Room Decor Ideas

The dining room is where people socialize and enjoy a well-cooked meal. Outfitting this space should allow you to express your signature style, while at the same time make your guests feel welcomed. Which one of these dining room décor ideas will inspire you to redo your dining nook?

Youthful eclecticism

Recreate the ambiance of small, privately-owned whimsical bistros by personalizing your dining space with affordable designer replicas in unnatural colours, mismatched prints and fun wall art such as a comprehensive chalkboard menu of dishes you’ve never cooked in your life (and don’t plan to).

Mismatched seating

If you like neutral simplicity, but don’t want your dining room to lend off a formal vibe, use different chair designs to spice things up. Ensure the cohesiveness of this new look by using different chairs of same upholstery or colour palette.

Glamour lessons

A hip, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper with a modern graphic print in metallic hues steals the spotlight, while elegant curtains and a sparkly chandelier impart feminine touches. To counteract the glamour but preserve the drama, use rough furniture pieces crafted from worn-out wooden materials.

Outdoorsy touches

For stylish dining room décor inspiration, just look outside the window! Put emphasis on a natural colour palette and organic materials and transform your dining room into a space that makes you feel alive. Invigorate your décor with plants and accent your furniture or your walls with tones of green. Rustic wood elements are a must, perhaps a sturdy dining table crafted from salvaged materials or a massive antique hutch to store your dishware?

Clean canvas

White, off-white and beige make a popular choice for any element of your dining room, from window treatments to flooring or furniture. It’s easy to prevent the space from feeling too stark by cosying it up with different textures and sophisticated patterns and fabrics.

V.I.P lighting fixtures

So what if your dining space is mostly made of an inherited set of antique table and chairs? Accentuate them and further enhance your space through a wisely-chosen ornamental light fixture designed to become a central feature in any home.

Vintage finds

Speaking of treasured pieces, illustrate your picking abilities by filling up your dining space with interesting vintage finds that speak volumes about your unique style. They don’t even need to be grounded by a dining theme. The element of surprise is key here.

Use contrasts to make it work

Solid timber furniture looks too heavy for your liking, yet you don’t want to make do without sturdy, wooden pieces? Delicate, airy, contrasting pieces placed in the proximity can make a bulky round table look lighter than it really is.


Your Greek salad doesn’t have to look ripped out of context anymore. Re-live the summery holiday feel each day by decorating your space with nautically-themed elements such as striped upholstery, white and blue accents, cosy fabrics and inspirational wall art such as an oversized map!

The unexpected

Create a look that stirs away from the traditional, the conventional, the expected. Surprise your guests and flash your unique flair for decorating with jet-black furniture, funky geometric patterns and rough textures in feminine hues that will guarantee a dining room that looks unlike anything they’ve ever seen!