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Interior Spotlight | Dining Decor - Choosing the Right Bar Stools

When you decorate your home, one of the main goals is to create a look that’s unique and eye-popping. These days, many people are forgoing traditional kitchen and dining room seating and modern bar seating in favor of sleek and modern bar stools. Because they come in so many shapes, sizes and finishes, starting your search for the perfect set of bar stools can be overwhelming. Use this guide for inspiration and direction as you transform your dining space from frumpy to fabulous.

Height Matters

One of the most important considerations when choosing new bar stools is what height they need to be. This will depend on where they’ll be placed. If you’re planning to change up your dining room area by replacing your traditional chairs with table height stools, look for ones that measure between 41 and 58 centimetres. A set of Longo Rattan Low Stools can be the perfect complement to your dining room table. Compact and comfortable, they’re perfect for smaller dining areas because they slide discreetly away underneath your table when not in use.

If you plan for your guests to sit at your kitchen counter, shop around for counter-height kitchen bar stools. Keep in mind that these aren’t as tall as regular bar stools and are designed to comfortably seat people at a counter or kitchen island that’s an average of 91 centimetres high. This is a great way to create additional seating beyond the dining table.

For a kitchen with a bar that’s a traditional bar height of approximately 107 centimetres, a high bar stool is the perfect fit. These kinds of bar stools typically measure 76 centimetres. When your guests are perched up high, a padded bar stool with a back rest will allow them to really relax. If you still feel uncertain about what height your bar stools should be, choose ones that will leave 23 to 30 centimetres between the seat of the stool and the underside of the dining surface.
How Many Stools?

Choosing numbers for your dining room table is likely easy. Most tables will comfortably seat a set number of people and it’s obvious as you look at the table whether four chairs or six will fill out that space. How do you go about planning how many people to seat at your kitchen counter or bar? A good guideline when purchasing bar stools is to plan to have 66 to 76 centimetres between the center of one stool and the center of the school beside it. Leaving this much space will allow your guests ample room to eat and move around without feeling crowded. For bar stools at the end of the row, measure 33 to 38 centimetres from the center of the stool to the edge of the counter or bar. If you keep these numbers in mind while shopping, it will help you choose the ideal number of stools for your space.

What Sort of Finish?

After you’ve settled on spacing and size, it’s time to narrow down your favorite bar stools based on finish. For a dining area with a contemporary flair, metal adds the perfect touch. Accent your dining table with a set of Bouchard Low Stools. The steel frame on these unusual stools is softened by the addition of rustic leather. If the overall feel of your dining decor is more laid-back, use kitchen bar stools made of natural materials to give it a relaxed flow. The Buton Rattan Bar Stool combines the earthy energy of rattan with the strength of a metal frame. For a more traditional space, go classic with a Replica Heidi Tractor Wooden Stool. Its solid wood construction will bring warmth to any bar area, while its retro design is eye-catching and original.

Consider Your Lifestyle

As you shop through the various bar stool options, consider your family’s typical routine to decide which ones will fit best. Do you want backless stools or ones that allow people to sit back and relax? Is it best to get ones with hard seats or padded ones? Families with children especially need to take these things into consideration. Often, stools with backs provide extra support and safety for children who are perched on them. Kitchen bar stools that are easy to wipe down when spills happen are a wonderful choice if kids are going to be using them. Keep all of these things in mind and you’re sure to find bar stools that will perfectly fit your home and lifestyle. Happy shopping!

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