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Interior Spotlight | Stylish Bedside Tables To Suit Your Bedroom Theme

With any type of bedside table you need to have something that’s going to be dependable as you are reclining in bed. Bedside tables can take on many roles from accent pieces, a place to put your phone or a book or even just a small table that can rest the lamp on either side of your bed. One of the most important things in finding a bedside table is finding one that can suit your needs and one that will fall in line with your current décor. With a wide range of contemporary bedside tables, retro mirrored bedside tables as well as more modern and unique bedside table installations, you should consider many options that will suit the look of your home in the future.

Some of the most popular items that we have available for bedside tables include:

Johansen Nest of side tables:

The Johansen Nest of side tables are actually closer to tables in one. Both of these tables are kidney shaped to form one single round piece and they are both made of solid oak as well as styled veneers. You can use them as a single piece or potentially separate the two tables to accent areas across your bedroom. With the two tables that seem to nest into one each other you can have access to a greater level of customization for your home.

These tables feature a unique Scandinavian inspired design and they are a little more modern than some of the other side tables you might find. They have a relatively neutral décor palette ensuring that they can fit into almost any type of bedroom installation.

Johansen Scandinavian Lamp Side table with drawers

The Johansen Scandinavian lamp side table with drawers would also make an excellent bedside table in Australia. This wooden bedside table is made primarily of a solid oak structure with a natural oak veneer. Real oak timber goes into every piece of its construction to ensure that this is a heavy table built to last. The open structure provides a vast amount of storage for its size and this classic design could lend itself to almost any style room.

The lamp side table with drawers also works particularly well for holding a bedside lamp, alarm clock or any other fixture that you would introduce to your side table.

Evelyn Scandinavian Lamp Side Table:

For a more contemporary look for a wooden bedside table, this sophisticated, modern and unique Evelyn table is an excellent choice. With a warm finish as well as deep stained white drawers this has an extremely eye-catching design and a perfect finish that can decorate any modern home.

This could be the perfect table to display a small potted plant, decorative items within your home as well as a bedside lamp. If you are building a fairly modern décor or a retro inspired room, this could be an excellent staple. The deep drawers and the two drawer construction also offer plenty of storage making this a great bedside table for holding plenty of items!

Alfred 2 drawer bedside table:

The Alfred 2 drawer bedside table would make another excellent choice. With the sled styled legs as well as the natural oak finish this two drawer bedside table offers plenty of storage as well as an oak veneer that would look perfect in any type of décor. This is a heavy and sturdy table with well scalloped edges as well as an eye-catching and clean design. If you are looking for a simple and functional bedside table, this will do the job for a lifetime.

Keep some of these top bedside tables in mind if you are looking for something unique and of a high quality construction in Australia. Our modern bedside tables and contemporary bedside tables come in a huge inventory of styles that is constantly expanding. With an interior secrets selected bedside table you can get access to furniture that can last you and your family for years to come!

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