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How To | Sprucing Up Your Living Space with Modern Furniture

Is your living space needing a breath of fresh air? Create the living room of your dreams with these tips from Interior Secrets. Today's living spaces are responsible for many things - from entertaining guests and family gatherings to being a premier location for binge-watching the latest Netflix series. Some of us are looking...

How To | Styling Velvet Furniture into Your Home

Velvet is a trend that’s here to stay despite what others say. The luxurious look of the texture adds depth and lustre to any space, giving you a stunning impact that you can’t compare with other fabrics.

How To | Finding the Right Sofa

Whether you’re buying your first sofa or replacing the old faithful one, it’s always hard to find the right sofa. You can measure the floor space time and time again, but there are so many other factors to...

How To | Transition to Summer 2018

Plants are blooming, birds are singing, kids are swimming, so it’s time to do a spring cleaning. What better excuse to refresh your rooms for the season? After all, the warmer months are upon us and summer is just around the corner. Simplify or Electrify Break out from those wintery hues and welcome the...

How To | 6 Tips to Make Your House Feel like Home

One of the most exciting parts of owning a house or moving into a new place is filling your space with decor that you love. Your sofa, bed, dining set, and small items hold special memories to show that a house is a home. No matter what style you’re going for, there are basic homeware

How To | A Complete Guide To Melbourne’s Best Furniture Store

Interior Secrets is an authentic Australian furniture brand retailer.  Every part of our business is based in Australia.  We love being able to provide you with home decor and furniture that stands above the competition.  We believe that we are the best because we want the best for YOU. Interior Secrets goes above and beyond to provide you with a...

How To | Choosing the right Coffee table for your space

Depending on the space that you live in, you may find it difficult to actually find a coffee table that suits the needs of your room and your décor. Coffee tables can be an excellent selection that can go far beyond the living room as well. Using a coffee table in your bedroom could allow an extra space for...

Interior Spotlight | Looking For A Side Table? Well Look no further!

Looking for a side table and not sure where to start? At Interior Secrets, we have a wide range of beautiful side tables and more than enough options to satisfy your needs. Your room is your usual range of familiarity, so it's a good idea to go for a stylish bedside table that supplements your room and...

Interior Spotlight | Stylish Bedside Tables To Suit Your Bedroom Theme

With any type of bedside table you need to have something that’s going to be dependable as you are reclining in bed. Bedside tables can take on many roles from accent pieces, a place to put your phone or a book or even just a small table that can rest the lamp on either side of...

Interior Spotlight | Dining Decor - Choosing the Right Bar Stools

When you decorate your home, one of the main goals is to create a look that’s unique and eye-popping. These days, many people are forgoing traditional kitchen and dining room seating and modern bar seating in favor of sleek and modern bar stools. Because they come in so many shapes, sizes and finishes, starting your...

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