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How To | Styling Velvet Furniture into Your Home

Velvet is a trend that’s here to stay despite what others say. The luxurious look of the texture adds depth and lustre to any space, giving you a stunning impact that you can’t compare with other fabrics.


Sofa vs. Armchair vs. Decor

Where to start? Committing to a velvet sofa is not for the faint of heart or homes with kids or pets. The delicate nature of velvet demands care and attention to avoid long-lasting damage to the material. So, we recommend stunning velvet sofas to those not afraid of a total texture revamp or those willing to invest in a captivating, yet tricky, sofa.


Take our statement-making Jayde Sofa in Black Velvet for example. Dramatic, gorgeous, modern. We’re totally in love with how unapologetically bold Jayde is!


Jayde 3 Seater Sofa - Black Velvet.


Velvet armchairs are a great alternative to sofas and for homes looking for a revitalising update. The accenting and functional quality an armchair has is incomparable.


Molly Blue Velvet Armchair.


Velvet accessories, like cushions, will instantly invigorate your decor and come in a range of colours to suit any home. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to stay on-trend without having to replace bigger furnishings like your sofa to get the look of the season!



Mix & Match

Indulgent in appearance, velvet has the ability to add any excitement to a room. So, contrast it with more industrial materials like concrete, reclaimed wood, or metal. Speaking of metal, velvet and matte metallic accents, like gold or brass, is a match made in heaven. It showcases a play on soft and hard elements to give any decor the ultimate luxe look.


Go all Velvet or Go Home

If you’re really loving the look of velvet and unafraid to go all out, then style your velvet sofa with velvet cushions or ottoman. Choose colours opposite of each other to break up the monotony. Tip: make sure you choose colours within the same hues and intensity for a more cohesive decor.


Penelope Chesterfield Sofa & Armchair.