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Interior Spotlight | Looking For A Side Table? Well Look no further!

Looking for a side table and not sure where to start? At Interior Secrets, we have a wide range of beautiful side tables and more than enough options to satisfy your needs. Your room is your usual range of familiarity, so it's a good idea to go for a stylish bedside table that supplements your room and your character.

Geometric based side tables will inspire your guests to think outside the box when hanging out in your living room. The Ashton Modern Side Table is a stunning two-toned addition to your house and is easily cleaned. The Berlin Side Table in a variety of colours (blush, mint, white and yellow) also features a geometric cage-like design and the colour option will make your rooms pop!

Another stunning architectural addition to your home is the Miami Wire Side Stool in Black or White. These stools can fit into any corner of your living space and can double as a table as needed. They can also be used as outdoor features and are made of solid iron with a powder coat finish.

The Albin Scandinavian Wooden Side Tables would be a perfect fit for the nature lovers as they embody the raw wooden outdoors. They can be used as stools, side tables or simply accent décor and are easily assembled.

If you have lots of plants in your household the Brass Tray Side Table can elevate them off the ground to be centrepieces in your home. The table also fits in well into little corners that just need some extra table space. The brass on wood look fits into any living style and is quite practical for those trying to maximize their space.

For a bohemian look, consider the Alfie Wire Side Table (which comes in gold, plum and white). This piece combines modern and industrial accents and comes fully assembled. It is made of solid iron and would fit in well with a funky couch set.

The elegance of the Saintly Ceramic Stool/Side Table will bring your room together with its metallic undertones. Easily used as a stool, side table or foot rest; this piece would fit into any tight corners. Made from ceramic for durability and finished in black and gold this stool/table will lighten up your décor. Another sleek metallic addition would be the Maya Aluminium Side Table or Rani Side Table Antique in Copper.

A more natural or Scandinavian look would be the Johansen Nest of Side Table in Orange and would really brighten up your family room. These bright orange kidney-shaped interlocking tables can also function as a stool and are made of a mix of wood and veneers. The Watson Wooden Side Table/Stool is a sturdy wooden option if you like earthy interiors.

If you’re looking to fit a square space, the Halifax Lamp/Side Table will do the trick. Mixing natural wood with metal for an industrial aesthetic works well in any living space. This side table can be dressed up with a large piece of art or a chic lamp. The Ritz Lamp Side Table/Glass Top in Black or White also fits well in a square space and is super easy to clean. You would also get some additional storage space with this modern option.

There are many options for bed side tables that suit your décor including the Jack Side Table. This table is made from New Zealand pine and would be a cute option if you lean towards the country house aesthetic. The Tom Black and Gold Side Table would also work well in the bedroom, especially if you enjoy eating breakfast in bed. It easily glides over to hover on top of your lap when you’re in bed, but then can be pushed to the side when not in use.

For high class décor the Cocktail Round Marble Side Table with Brass will bring that to your house. It can also be used as a stool, and the gold base will make you feel like you’re living in a celebrity’s home.

If you’re having trouble matching your side tables to the rest of your furniture, choose the easy way out and buy an entire set. The Evelyn Living Room Package includes two side tables, television unit, coffee table and bookshelf.  Getting an entire set means that all your furniture will match and be highly durable since they are made out of solid oak.