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How To | Transition to Summer 2018

Plants are blooming, birds are singing, kids are swimming, so it’s time to do a spring cleaning. What better excuse to refresh your rooms for the season? After all, the warmer months are upon us and summer is just around the corner.

Simplify or Electrify

Break out from those wintery hues and welcome the sun! Narrowing your colour schemes back to the basics will help transform your room into something new. Layer your chosen colours gently, making sure that you have one base and an accent to balance the space out. Don’t forget your textures, too. Whether it’s in the form of fabric upholstery or wooden furnishings, textures bring wonderful and much needed visual depth to harmonise and complete a room.

For a fresh and breezy home (that will literally go with any style, we’re not kidding), mix your cool colours with warmer, light neutrals for a great and subtle season makeover. Classic and nuance shades are vital for creating your personal palette.

Looking for a more bombastic refresher? Do the total opposite and go for a pop of colour! Pantone has released its 2018 picks and there’s an abundance of warm and saturated tones with a focus to go more towards brighter and stronger colours. This trend perfectly lines up with the return to the 80s and the characterful, bold designs and hues.

Vibrant colours add exciting energy to the space, officially marking summer in your home. Be sure to balance the bright colours with light neutrals to avoid a colour overload.

Add Greenery

Greenery, specifically plants, is a timeless and guaranteed tip for any room revamp. And for good reason too. Plants are beneficial to improving the mood and ambience of the room, preventing the space from feeling too stifled with super sleek and modern furnishings. They’re also 100% appropriate for the summer.

Ari Buffet Unit – Scandinavian Sideboard – Walnut | Cactus Country Photographic Wall Art Print

Tropical or large-leafed plants like the gorgeous Cane Palm Artificial Plant are great to immerse you in the summer mood.

Bird of Paradise Artificial Plant | Strelitzia Artificial Plant | Elena 3 Seater Sofa

If you’re not quite the gardener or a notorious plant killer, opt for succulents, terrariums, or artificial plants that don’t require much sunlight or watering. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone your thriving plant secrets. Besides, strong and natural green hues are in, so make sure they last all year long with the occasional dusting.

White fabric

Like simplifying your palette, white is a classic and versatile shade to work with. From minimalist vibes to coastal styles, white is brilliant for catching all of that natural sunlight to brighten up the room.

For a quick and easy change, add white fabrics and decor pieces without having to repaint the walls or to buy new furniture. Go for the bigger pieces to make a stronger impact in the room. Switch out your curtains for something sheer, like a chiffon which maintains its lightness while adding a crisp tension for those strong lines. If you have smaller windows, extend your curtains to the floor for an illusion of a bigger room. Pair all of the white fabrics with neutrals or even a mirror to help bounce the light around your space.

Big, bright, and floral

Peonies in Classic Bowl Artificial Flowers

Florals are still in and are often markers of the warmer seasons. They bring natural and vibrant colour, accenting your modern decor with the softness of spring. Go dramatic with large florals or subtly accent with small petals. In-season florals are the way to go to keep your colours on-trend and fresh. Accessorise your buffet or coffee table with real or artificial flowers for that natural bit of colour. Or finally fill up your empty wall space with some art like Rose Noir III Wall Art Print

Theo Reclaimed Wooden Low Stool | Replica Hans Wegner 3 Seat Plank Chair – Light Grey | Floyd Reclaimed Coffee Table – 90cm

Not fond of the traditional big florals or you’re after something different? Step outside the box and look around you. Native Australian plants are great to stand out from the more popular flower types. They add a rustic charm that is very characteristic of Australian flora.

Natural textures

With the beaches so near, it makes sense to bring back that relaxed vibe back home. But the beachy, coastal style is so much more than the typical blues and whites, and the seashells you find in the sand. From the light palette to the textures, there is inspiration to be found everywhere for the ultimate summer home.

Furnishings made from natural materials, like wood or wicker, paired with muted colours add a rustic touch to the coastal styles – even more so if you live in the more urban suburbs. It creates that visually stunning and interesting contrast between nature and city.

What are some of your favourite seasonal revamp tricks? Lighter and brighter colours are the way to go to finally say ‘see you later, winter’. Refresh the space with in-season flowers and greenery (real or artificial) to welcome the sunny outside again. Be sure to check out our new arrivals for more ideas on how to transition from spring to summer!