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Interior Spotlight | Dining Room Chairs Are Boring - Why Not Try Bar Stools?

When it comes to kitchen and dining room seating, people often only think of traditional chairs around the family kitchen table. While these can look great, they’re very “same-old, same-old.” To give a unique and sophisticated look to your dining space, bar stools are the way to go. You can find wooden bar stools, metal bar stools, as well as bar stools made of woven materials for a laid-back, organic feel. Bar stools needn’t be in a traditional, tall stool shape, either. With a bit of shopping, you’ll discover stools in every shape and size. In fact, it’s worth taking a closer look at ideas for stools that go outside the traditional design to find something more subtle and funky.

Non-traditional Bar Stools

For seating around a kitchen table, nontraditional bar stools can’t be beat. These styles are typically lower than your average stool. They’re often backless, which is a great choice for a small space because it opens the room up and makes it look bigger.  For a natural look, choose the Longo Rattan Low Stool. Like most bar stools with woven materials on the outside, you’ll find a sturdy wood frame inside. Because of this, you’ll never have to worry about its strength and durability. Stools like this work very well as as a dining set around the kitchen table. You can also purchase a single one and use it as a side table that can double as extra seating for when guests drop by.

If wooden furniture is your preference, you can also find wooden bar stools in some very unexpected styles. A low stool made of reclaimed wood such as teak is a piece of furniture that’s also a work of art. Purchase a set of them to be used as seating for your everyday dining. Tuck a beautiful teak stool away next to the couch where it will look beautiful when it’s not in use and be a comfortable, functional seat when needed. The Artega Smoked Oak Block Wooden Stool is the height of simplicity, crafted from a gorgeous block of wood. These minimalist wooden bar stools look unique in both modern and rustic homes.

Kitchen Bar Stools

An extended bar provides a great multi-purpose space for extra seating at dinner or as a place for kids to do their homework. To make use of your bar, however, you’ll need a set of bar stools that are tall enough to reach it comfortably. With measurements in hand, you’ll find a world of kitchen bar stools to suit every style. Your major decision (beyond decorative taste) is whether to go with backless stools or ones with backs.

Just like with your dining table seating, backless seating around your kitchen bar will keep the room from feeling closed off. For an old-school stool, choose the Apollo Concrete Bar Stool. It’s a traditional bar stool with legs that flare out from the seat. Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean that it can’t have flair, though. Its concrete seat gives it an unexpected style that really sets it apart from other kitchen bar stools.

If you have a larger kitchen space, you may want to opt for comfort and choose kitchen bar stools with backs. To some, this may seem like a small detail. However, try perching upright on a backless stool for a long period of time and you’ll see the difference a back makes. Daintree Classic Cross Back Stools have a vintage feel that will look great in any aesthetic and keep your guests relaxed. If your tastes run more modern, you can find a perfect stool that marries sleek looks with a comfortable design. Try a clean look with the Aiden, a minimalist bar stool made of a stainless steel. It will add a contemporary flare to your kitchen bar. The luxurious padding on the seat and back will allow family members and guests to perch at your kitchen bar for hours.<

Final Thoughts

Beyond style, the important thing to keep in mind with bar stools is height. Whether you’re looking for wooden bar stools for your dining room table or kitchen bar stools so that people can hang out while you cook, take careful measurements. People must sit high enough to be able to reach the table or bar. They must also be low enough that their legs can comfortably fit underneath. Particularly with tall bar stools, you’ll find that your favorite style will likely come in several different heights. Choose carefully and get ready to break out of the kitchen chair rut with your new bar stools!

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