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How To | Choosing the right Coffee table for your space

Depending on the space that you live in, you may find it difficult to actually find a coffee table that suits the needs of your room and your décor. Coffee tables can be an excellent selection that can go far beyond the living room as well. Using a coffee table in your bedroom could allow an extra space for knickknacks, coffee tables can also easily be used as accent tables for lighting and more. Here are some tips on how you can pick the right coffee table and how a coffee table can highlight the decor within an individual space.

Consider the function: different coffee tables are going to have different functions. Do you want a coffee table that you can use that has extra storage space? Or a larger coffee table that you can use to display various books and knickknacks? Consider what you’re going to be using your coffee table for most often and the placement of that coffee table. If you’re going to want a coffee table that you can put your feet up on regularly, you may want to avoid elements like a glass top table or some other features for example. A functional coffee table that comes with some internal storage as well as the ability to put your feet up on might be the Oxley Wooden table from Interior Secrets. This table is a very versatile option that can serve many functions as well as fit in well with most modern styles of furniture. If you want a fairly simple and functional coffee table, this is a high quality item that could last for many years to come.

Consider the space you have: you need to think about the traffic flow within any room where you’re going to be putting a coffee table. The big problem that many homeowners face is purchasing a coffee table that’s much too large for their space. The problem with doing this is that you can sometimes end up with poor traffic flow or the chance that you could close off a room and make it look much smaller. If you have a fairly narrow space you should consider a coffee table with dimensions under 24 inches in width. The Anderson 1.2 M coffee table with a glass top is a great example of a table that will fit well within small or narrow rooms while still allowing for traffic flow. This beautiful gold and stainless steel base table will not ruin traffic flow or the lighting within a room and can act as an excellent accent to your décor or a main focal piece to the room.

Creating a balance in your décor:  the goal of any good coffee table design is to tie in the look of your coffee table with other aspects of your room but also creating a unique accent at the same time. If you can create a balance within your decor style such as using a chrome legged table with a glass top with your grey furniture, this can create a room that really ties all elements in together well. A fantastic piece that will tie in natural wood floors, darker couch colors or wooden furniture with a more modern decor would be the Luna Round coffee table.

Does it need to be kids or animal friendly? There are certain coffee table designs which are not friendly for kids. When they are just starting to learn how to walk or while they are exploring the house, the sharp edges of a coffee table could potentially cause serious injury to a toddler. In some cases, a glass top table can be particularly dangerous for cats that like to climb on them or for dogs that regularly jump up on the table. A consideration that would be both animal friendly and kid friendly might be the Arthur reclaimed round coffee table. This design has rounded edges and an untreated design meaning that if it gets scratched up, it will only lead to a more eclectic finish.

How do you want it to affect your décor? Different materials will create a different effect for the look of your décor. If you wanted to add more warmth into the room for example you could consider wood tones, a marble coffee table could tie in elements of your kitchen, Glass table tops and reflective metal like stainless steel can improve the light or space in your room, darker metals can complement other aspects of your furniture. If you already have metal or wood tones in your room however it’s very important to consider matching the current tones of the furniture you have. An interesting table that brings in both neutral wood tones and the glass top effect is the Bellmore Timber Base and Glass top coffee table.

Consider some of these top qualities when you are looking into purchasing a brand-new coffee table. Remember that each one of these considerations can really improve the look of your décor with a well thought out piece.