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Style Focus | Easter Decor Ideas For Your Home

Does the thought of home decoration fills you with excitement come Easter? That’s great, because there is no better time than now to start browsing for ideas on how to dress up your living space with a festive attitude!

Decorate with oversized letters

If you’re too fond of your neutral, minimal style décor that you’re unwilling to compromise it with a myriad of colourful Easter ornaments, simply decorate your mantel, mounted shelves or console table with oversized letters spelling out some holiday cheer.

Butterfly & twig accents

Though mainly a spring symbol, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t cheer up your dining table this autumn with butterflies. These are as much of a symbol of renewal as is the Easter celebration. And to keep in tone with the season, simply lay down a few twigs on the table and attach some vivid orange butterflies you can find at a local crafts store.


One of the easiest, most effective ways to spruce up your home décor this Easter is by using a beautiful candleholder with multiple arms, only instead of candles, place Easter eggs.

Trendy colours

For a classy look to unify your décor you can stick to a single colour scheme in a trending colour such as blue. For a lovely effect, put some decorative paper filler in a basket and lay down a few Easter eggs, all in different shades of blue.

Flower arrangements

There’s nothing like some fresh flowers to rejuvenate your décor and create an invigorating Easter décor. You can even use egg holders as vases for smaller flower arrangements to scatter across your dining table. For different settings you can use large vases, pots and baskets filled with flowers like tulips, daffodils or lilac.

Thematic doormat

Want your guests to experience some festive touches even before entering the door? In lack of a front yard to display Easter figurines and statues, you can still create a festive impression by replacing your usual doormat with one adorably decorated with bunnies.

Colourful terrarium

You may love your succulents, but if you happen to have an empty terrarium accumulating dust, you can easily transform it into a lush, festive themed centre piece by filling it with dried sisal grass, Easter eggs and fluffy figurines like chicks and bunnies.

Bunny ears napkin rings

Easy to DIY, a playful accent like this will surely bring some holiday cheer to your dining table, while a beautiful embroidered runner will add a touch of class and a floral feel to your setting.

Garlands and wreaths

Easter garlands are super easy to make out of paper and felt, and make for a wonderful way to involve the kids too in prepping up your home for the upcoming holiday. And for a stunning door decoration, you can use pussy-willow to create beautiful wreaths which can also serve as nests for your vibrant Easter eggs.